Thoughts on paid plugins for a free game?


No, you are all on track. I’m asking a simple question if this is going along fine, no other captions along with it.

You’re speculative nature (Or flamebaiting) is one of the reasons why I asked, like your reply. The other reason is that this looks more of a dick measuring contest to see who has a better ideology.

Move along if you think you have a point to make


Going back to my point from long ago: I have never in my experience managed a single RP server that used or needed any of these “essential” plugins. And I used to manage quite a lot of them, no brag intended.

While I do get that some plugins are hilariously overinflated in price, there’s definitely not nearly as much of a need for these as you think they are.

Note: a lot of skeptics in the past have questioned what kind of RP servers I run. I have very complex mechanics and metas of all sorts in place, such as an in-depth job system, arms regulation, a free market, and more; all without the need for even free plugins. So those who say they need such excessively fancy plugins for what should be perfectly fine in vanilla, I don’t exactly see as very credible.


My standards are pretty high. So an RP with the least staff intervention would be the best IMO. Thats where Discordhook and Damage Logger come in (already 22$). Damage logger is virtually necessary to prove that someone tried to kill this guy. Discordhook is vital for staff that want to moderate the server without actually being in the game. Theres many reasons, such as the servers full, or some staff just don’t have the best computers and it may take them minutes to open the game.

All of the links are broken now, but another one was Virtual Garage. People spawning cars and litering them everywhere is bad for the server, encourages griefing, and etc.


These sound far more like extra conveniences than bare essentials, though.

That was my point - you make it sound as if a good RP server is obligated to have these.


I guess if you don’t see the point in a plugin that literally proves someone broke KOS rules rather than relying on some players own word an essential then we have very different definitions of ‘essential’. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Because I feel extremely obligated to have such plugins. But anyways, this is just a little example with subjective opinion on whats ‘essential’. Not particularly super apart of the main point of the post.


Well a plugin can’t prove that someone broke KOS rules, as KOS is something more complex than a player killing another player. A plugin can prove that someone initiated a fight or made an invalid kill (depending on what you consider an invalid kill), but most definitely can’t prove it was KOS.


I can sense a ‘prisoner’s dilemma’ video being posted in the near future.

From what I’ve seen when I used to play the hell out of DarkRP, you don’t need fancy KOS plugins to tell who’s in the wrong or right in a scenario, just smart staff and a minute or two. You can usually tell who’s the conflict instigator by attitude and motives when talking it out with them in a group interrogation. The issue is that even if it was a plugin, there’d still be fuckups and people playing the system. A plugin won’t make all KOS an open and shut case, so I wouldn’t call something that I can barely trust over a good player as essential.


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