To-do Before #20


Sounds like we might see some starts to combat? And a sniper rifle? This next devlog 'boutta be delicious.

Also we need a beard-log nelson get on it

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  • I want Devlog #20 to log the development of Nelson’s game, Unturned II.
  • I want Devlog #20 to log the development of Nelson’s facial hair.

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I thought frogs were green, not blue

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frogs can be blue c: but then they’re poisoning
idk why I took this serious lol

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Do you not get it?

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Combat demo confirmed after #20?

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Not yet…


Why do you even think that?

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because he can see the future :mantelpiece_clock:


I mean its definitely time we get the combat demo


did someone get my joke?


Yes but sorry to dissapoint you but it wasnt funny.

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sniffs again*


its definitely time you got better jokes


I get it, good one.


Good one, get it I

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unturned 4.0 is taking way longer than i expected :sob::sob: so sad


He’s using a new engine that he had maybe a year of experience be Fire he made the game. He also has to teach himself a new codi g language as he goes.

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And it’s going to keep taking longer.

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