Too small crafting button make me annoying



I played Unturned for a long time, but I was quick to get annoyed and quit. :confused:

Why did you choose a small button, Nolsen?


Where’s the craft button intended to be?


I hope this both button is removed.

Crafting and Craft All can also be done with the Ctrl key + click. craft lock is useful, but…


I agree, it is very annoying to press the new button.

Neslon plz fix



I agree, the lock crafting option was requested a lot and now it’s finally in, but the ctrl + lmb to craft all and generally having to just click anywhere on the item tab for the single craft was much better.
Pls fix


I know it’s hard to press a small button that is a few inches away from where you are normally clicking, but please, give it a chance, it is a great addition to the game.


I have a solution for everyone.

Make the entire button an option. Suits people who want the old thing back as well as the new system supporters. Entire button will be disabled by default.


I miss the rmb+shift for craft everything of something


what’s with the Korean gif though :thinking:


Some hearthstone meme, It is used to mock someone for their stupid mistakes.(Or intended thing)


Are you saying you quit Unturned because the button to craft something is at an inconvenient position?