Unturned 2 zombie concept


yeah if its too smooth it wouldent fit unturned it would look like its too detailed !!



Low poly is not he same as flat shading, making high poly meshes flat shaded will look odd. Nelson uses sooth shading constantly. If you want it to fit Unturned’s style, make it lower poly.

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yeah i got you i just thought it lookd beeter that way in my opinion

and im still learning so yeah :slight_smile:

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Hello again!
Much like the last post you did of this kind, which was the tentacle cube shown in the last picture, i’ll say that sculpting doesn’t exactly suit Unturned II’s style. While it does look nice, from a visual quality perspective, the models themselves don’t exactly suit the more cubical and sharp geometry in Unturned II, so going with a hard surface modeling approach would make it look significantly more in-place with the rest of the things that would be in Unturned II.

And maybe getting rid of the normal maps (which is what i assume i’m seeing on the first 3D model’s face) and replacing things like eyes and mouth (as long as it’s not part of the geometry) with vector graphic would also make it feel at home in Unturned II, since textures are flat with solid colors and the faces are now vector graphics, instead of textures on the model itself.

Hope that advice serves you well!

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@darkySp ur actuly right that would look more unturned… i will do that in my next model …thanks for the advice


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