Unturned 4.0 ui concept



i dont now why i did the 4. withe 3 zero…s xd


It is too simple and gold upgrade is not going to exist


i was trying to make the exact but in a more advanced way kinde of thing and i spent like 30 min on this shite so i did put effort to it


hi animatic xD


I see where you’re going with this, but it’s all just done a bit too similar. I like the clean and boxed aesthetic, and I would like to see that in game but this shouldn’t be the poster board of what to expect for an upgraded UI.


are you my dad


Shouldn’t it be named “Unturned II”?



(stupid 10 characters)


This, plus it’s quite likely that the first version won’t even be either, considering Nelson has made it clear that they’re two distinctly separate games that’ll both be maintained separately from one another.


The UI for Unturned II needs to have a simple design