Unturned 4 - Battle Royale Mod


just wait dragon


I will be adding logos once I start rescalling the models to match the player model, but I remember about you :wink:


Cool stuff you’re making for Unturned II. :open_mouth:
I really like how neat your models look.

By the way, is there any chance you might know the title to the music playing at the 4:00 minute mark in your stream here? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/275530809


Thanks :slight_smile:
The song is Crystal Castles - Tell me what to swallow


A little backpack I made during a quick unannounced stream:

I will probably be streaming today in the evening and I will try to figure out what would the map look like, come hang out and throw your ideas at me :slight_smile:


twitch.tv/fiffe_ - map stream is on :slight_smile:


I’ve made some progress on the map, you can see the initial version here: https://trello.com/c/F48DqyoE/74-bristlecone-valley-01-map

I also started working on buildings, here’s the first one:

The windows and doors are missing for now since these will be most likely added using game’s engine.


I finished the second building today, I think the result is pretty nice :slight_smile:


dang your good


I am streaming right now, making some new buildings and creating LOD groups for the previous ones. Come hang out! :slight_smile:

@update Streaming again :slight_smile:


Hey fiffe, do you consider using an other airplane instead of the C130, like an AN-124 or an AN-225 as thoses planes are way cooler. I also tought you could add an snowy area where movements are slower, maybe also an airport, some infrastructures and maybe ruins of cities ( backstory would likely set up after the infection, with an area devoted for violents games where only best survivors would won.


Hold on bruh. This is battle royale stuff. Not a plain survival stuff. Why have a story when nobody is going to have the time to look it over?


The first map is based in an environment similar to USA/Canada so I don’t think Russian planes will be fitting well but in case I make more maps then I’d like to have other planes too.

@THEMAX94120 @Aj_Gaming
It is gonna be battle royale type mod but I’m not making 1:1 PUBG or Fortnite copy, sure - some stuff is heavily inspired by these games but I am thinking of my own stuff as well and I’m constantly getting new ideas.

I might write about some of these soon, but I don’t really want to do this before releasing the mod as I feel like some of them might be off-putting to people even though they never tried them out - we’ll see :slight_smile:

As to story - there will be environment-based storytelling - so people can still discover why you’re there fighting other people, kind of like in Dark Souls :wink:


Hello, I will be taking some time off to work on a small map of mine for Facepunch’s Tub. Shouldn’t take too long and I’ll be back working on this mod soon :slight_smile: