Unturned 4 - Battle Royale Mod


Pickup truck sneak peek :slight_smile:


Excellent job with the models, but I’m slightly thrown off by the bit of visible noise in your images. Not sure if that’s your screen or something.


It is the Blender’s ambient occlusion, with a low value, that’s why it is so noisy.


It’s Blender’s default render with pretty low amount of samples which results in this weird noise. Since it’s just a quick sneakpeek and the model has no textures as of right now I decided to take the pictures in Blender :slight_smile:


Added hood, battery and engine. Also some minor changes :slight_smile:
That’s probably it until there’s more details about cars!


Try and curve out some parts.


The model looks nice but the wheels I think are to small comparing to the vehicle.


I love when this thread gets updated, Always love to see progress on this mod. Keep it up broskis


I would really enjoy some zip lines , flying vehicles could be a thing too .
Maybe instead of invisible forcefield there could be a toxic gas , maybe bombing zone …
Good job tho


Zip lines would be a cool thing, if the base stuff is ready I’ll definitely try to add these if these are not in original game :slight_smile:
Flying vehicles will be added to larger maps - maybe the first map will have one or two tops.


Small update on the development:

I haven’t made any progress last month as I’ve been busy moving to another city (which is pretty far away from my home town) because of a new job. We’ve moved in last Sunday but we still have to clean the flat and set everything up. Also since the new job is pretty demanding I have to spend some time learning new things in my free time - which I usually would spend making this mod :stuck_out_tongue:

It will probably take a month or two but after that amount of time I’m fairly sure I’ll have a pretty clear view on my future and perspectives and I will be able to continue with the mod development :slight_smile:

See you until then!


I’m back - well, kinda.


Texturing the vehicle I made some time ago.


Here’s the truck with colors!


That looks fucking great. Just make the tire and tire rim bigger. The trunk should be black with some kind thing as a normal map, and the taillights look strange


Thanks! Yeah - the black trunk looks waaay better. I changed the tires a bit although I dont feel like making them bigger.


lookin real nice


Wait. Are you the guy who made the… Uhhhhhhhhhhh


Uhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuhhhh… maybe?




Quick&short stream!


oof, I missed it

ya know, you should record it then upload it to youtube