Unturned II and it's Relation to Epic Games (+Store)


Thanks for correcting me. I think in reality, I already had a voice in my head telling me I was digging way too far into this. In relation to Tencent and the Chinese Government, there’s only a few articles I’ve read loosely linking them to the government and for some that immediately sets of some red flags. So yes, I did get that wrong.

I didn’t claim however that other governments aren’t guilty of this, either. So please don’t put words in my mouth.

As for Epic (Not Tencent) having the ability to resell mods for games, that’s literally straight out of their ToS. (Section 4; User Generated Content (UGCs)) This doesn’t mean that they’ll do it, but why would they have the clause in there if they weren’t planning something out of it?

This is straight out of Devlog #6.
“…and have been taking the first steps with EPIC (developers of Unreal Engine 4) to make it available through their launcher…”
This is regarding Unturned II (Both the game and modding tools.) being on the Epic Launcher (Along with Steam.)

Again, thanks for correcting me. Please don’t hesitate to correct anything I’ve said now too, discussions like this are pretty nice to have in my opinion.


Thanks, dude. What I meant regarding selling mods, just look at 3.0’s workshop. All of those for sale? That would just be illogical. The only way I can think of this is like big packs (organised kinda the same way as curated map events in 3.0) that you pay a little bit of money for, and it gets featured in the updates/menu screen. And it’s definitely going to be on Steam, so it’ll probably still have a Workshop, right? I mean honestly, Nelson’s a human being trying to earn a living, just like us. If he’s planning on doing this kinda stuff with Epic Games, it’ll be supporting him, the guy’s just trying to earn a bit of cash, it’s his job. And huge corporations are going to be getting money, there’s no way around it.