I’m sorry, I’ve been on planes all day, I should probably just stop before I say something stupid well before I say something stupider atleast


No wonder why you were high all the sudden.

I’m sorry.


This is some good shit


I’m afraid you’ve lost me there, sir.


Not bad tbh


Don’t make me flag you for misconduct and hurtfully insulting several forum members.

Bullying is not k, M’kay?


Are you black mailing other forum members? What shame!


Pork_says_S O R R Y_again.wav3


Don’t make me harass you.

Keep quiet and no ones feelings get hurt, primarily yours :zipper_mouth_face::wink:


wtf is happening.


Half of every meme post’s replies just devolve into… hell, basically. Never question it.


how the fuk cant you spell ‘with’?