Use for the Slender man model


He calls it II, but it’s still the 4th revision of the game. Deal with it and stop complaining.

Also, that is a horrible comparison.

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how did you not know that



except it isn’t

gta 4 is gta 4 and gta 5 is gta 5

gta 5 is not 4 2.0



while were on the topic of GTA 5 is more like GTA 7.0 vice city and san andreas exist.



That is an even worse example.

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couldent agree more



well, it’s a garbage resposne to a garbage claim, I’m not gonna up my game when you clearly are not. You’re literally sayng that nelson saying the game is II for the game’s good on the long run is a lie, so I stoop down to ‘‘calling facts from developers lies’’ low and write on that, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:



It’s called both 4.0, and II. So just stop arguing about petty things like what people call it or if there will be multiple maps.

Also, at this point you are making stuff up.

THAT is just making things up.

When did I ever say that? Hell, I didn’t even hint at that, or say anything similar. Oh wait, is it just something you made up to try and reinforce your argument?

Just stop.



I like to think that the zombie infection is caused by a prion. Prions are badly folded proteins, which cause other proteins to fold badly, spreading the infection. They attack the central nervous system, causing extensive damage. Maybe our zombie prion is damaging the brain in the manner that the victims are still alive, but their higher functions disappear, turning them into extremely aggressive, feral beasts, which act only by instincts due to the damage the prions have caused.



4.0, U4, and Unturned II are all perfectly acceptable names. Spending a dozen posts ranting about the “only acceptable name” on a suggestion thread for an enemy type is not. You guys can work these kinds of things out in private messages.

Unturned II is the game’s name. It’s the successor to Unturned.

U4 is the internally-used game code. Similarly, U1 (antique), U2 (classic), and U3 (version 3) are also used.

2.0 is not the same as Unturned II. Unturned 2 is not the same as Unturned II. Unturned 4 is the same as saying Unturned II. As long as you can tell what they’re talking about, and they’re not misusing terms associated with a completely different iteration of Unturned, then it’s really not an issue. A lot of the community terms have been used by Nelson. Nelson has also just referred to them by their number and absolutely nothing else.

The game always refers to it (in the game’s lore) as a virus. There’s also a mechanic in the game called “virus threshold” where, once your Immunity drops beyond a certain percentage, it will continue to decrease over time until you restore your Immunity back above that percentage. Consumables that lower your Immunity do “Virus damage” (most of status bars have a polar opposite to represent their inverse—Food/Hunger, Water/Thirst, Immunity/Virus).


Personally, I’d prefer if Nelson just made a new model, even if the end result is about the same, as it gives him more room to work with. Reusing assets isn’t bad, but I don’t think it’s worth searching for reasons to reuse placeholder-y/deprecated assets.


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