Using compound objects = gay?


Me and my friend were debating if using compound objects is gay or not. I said no but he say yes.

  • Yes it is very gay
  • No it isn’t
  • You’re both gay. Real mens don’t make maps.

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Making compound objects is a really bad idea from a time, design and optimization standpoint.
Learn Blender you bum


Now I’m definitely not one to call people gay, but compound objects are SUUUPER gay


Frick. I succ at blendero.


have fun learning unity


i could only find one tutorial and it felt like i was stroking out the more i read it and when you’ve spent most of the day making a sign and you find out you spelled quarantine wrong and downloaded the wrong version of unity it doesn’t feel too good

tl:dr unity is hell


Why didn’t you add a meh option?


Then you can’t figure out how to get the object to show up.


ohh, i did

i mean i didn’t myself because like i said unity is hell


I did it without AND tutorials. I made a light :smiley:.
Then it wouldn’t show up in the map editor T-T


There is the “meh” opition.

All of the tutorials I could find is rather… not for someone that’s new to it. Same goes with blender. (Altho I knew at LEAST some basics.) Nelson’s guide is not that good to learn (altho not completely bad) and modworks’s guide is questionablely not for me. (But covered the most as far as I’ve look up)

I wish there are a good-to-understand tutorials out there. (No offense.)


Lies. There is no meh option without insulting someone.


Welcome to telltales game, where’s one of your option will result in one’s death.

(It’s ok, me and my friend won’t get butthurt :slight_smile:)


Plus I like both so ye. And the map editor is awesome. So there is NO place for me here :stuck_out_tongue: