Utah Thing


u bet botem dolar

@stuttgart_flugart hah you are funny guy, nice joke


would offer to make it, if you havent already, but Ive only just figured out making objects glow in unity. I still cant figure out how to make the objects work in the editor XD, even when I bundle them witht he unturned file stuff.


From what I’ve seen you don’t even use Blender, so start from there to make something that looks competent.


i mean yeah but like


oi, its a work in progress. first unity, then blender.


That’s not how things work, at all


I will do it that wat… no matter what. learn how to use unity before blender


You’re not going to get your stuff in game. It won’t work like that.


who made that jeep its really sexy omg im gonna UNGUNH


what a hot bastard…


Bruh, I said learn how to use, not create objects in that order :confused:


learning how to use the two programs in that order is still not advised by pretty much everyone.


well, I want to take the harder route XD


Utah already has two people working on models, thanks for offering your help though


well I was saying if I could even make objects work, I would offer XD


I thought Utah was a fake place like Canada


I wish canada was fake


It is, but SOME people keep making manifest and i would like them to stop


U must hab ebole to kno dewae.dll