Wave One



Yes, he did


thanks, cap


Like i said before, the code is Probably given to all the Regs and Mods


which uhh… i dont mean to brag… something i have :sunglasses::sunglasses:


If I may say, Nelson, the vehicle handling feels clunky and the test feels poorly optimized for a lower-end laptop such as mine. I noticed serveral frame drops as well as some delay between honking the horn and having the character model actually smack the wheel.


very bright


Looking forward to see how Unturned II turns out.


Could you provide specs?




ghj pls that’s my meme


Thats a problem on your end Im afraid.
Intergrated GPU, 1.10Ghz Celeron and 4GB of ram will hardly run most games.


@SDGNelson Are you using forward rendering or even mobile redering in this demo? If you don’t, you should consider creating the option to start the game with forward rendering (just like the option to start 3.x without BattleEye), so really low end PCs could run the game with better FPS, while not losing much of the graphical quality (shouldn’t be so noticeable as in 3.x, where it looks like another game when you change from forward to deferred, from what I know).


god damn it my Pc is terrible so i cant play :frowning:


Funny. I can run Stalker just fine without any problems.
And this is with a graphics overhaul.


Those games were made back in 2007, 11 years ago. But generally those specs will hardy run any modern game


wait, are u guys talking about stalker?


Get out of here Stalker.


Wow really old game runs well, what a complete surprise.

I played Spec Ops: the Line on a potato just fine. If the game doesn’t require much processing power and isn’t system intensive it really doesn’t matter what kind of game it is. Don’t be surprised if your weak computer isn’t able to run games that aren’t from 2007.

also stop talking about stalker every 5 seconds aaaaa


haha im 0.3ghz faster


If its a pc and not a laptop over clock it as much as possible