Wave One


Allow configuring as much as possible, but not fundamentally different options like the forward/deferred rendering option in 3 which is a nightmare to maintain.


Well, it is sad to hear that, some games with some really good graphics reached more than 60 fps on low end machines using forward rendering and the mobile rendering api , mainly vr games. Somehow they did it without having to recompile all the shaders, which is probably nelson’s issue.


60 fps?
Nelson if you see this please do what that guy said so my potato of a computer can run UII


I mean it makes sense that a computer that has 1/3 of the standard unturned 3.0 requirements in terms of processing power can run U2. get a job and buy a pc


As someone with a fellow potato, Unturned II runs at 15-20 FPS on low graphics for me.

Now, this is fine for me as I run many games at this FPS (therefore being used to it), but hopefully we’ll be seeing gradual optimization improvements over time like what has already been done. (Of course, I still take the blame for this one really, as I’m gaming on a refurbished server workstation of all things)

EDIT: Specs. tl;dr it’s pretty bad, and it’s also bottlenecked by a 4 way PS2-port KVM switch.
OS is Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit.




Damn. Ya need some spare? i feel bad for ya. Really, that’s sad.


Ouch that doesn’t make me feel so good, my windows computer is pretty similar (it’s not even running windows 10 right now, its just running 8.1).


get a gt 1030.
its like 50 bucks and is somehow way better than a 710, if you’re on a laptop then rip


I got a hard one, if you know what i mean, when I got on the devlog yesterday and saw a private beta was released :heart::sweat_drops:



When do you guys think a semi-content beta will be released?


It’ll come out Soon™.


I can’t wait, I played unturned since the day it came out on steam, and I have over 1000+ hours :smiley::smiley:


I want. I’m not active on the forum but I am on discords and in the game but idk XD


By my information the beta is lighter than the unturned 3.0


I think the biggest problem here is the processor.


Personal relax this was a demo only of the vehicle, in the next demos and betas Nelson will certainly optimize much more.


Fuck my notifications are getting spammed af


Anyone test it on something similar to this hardware:

CPU: Intel i3-8100 3.6 GHZ

GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630

What FPS do you guys get on your hardware?