Wave One



Y am I listening to sans theme


Because you are having a bad time.


Should we make a undertale thread? Or would it be too close to the rpg thread


We all know what happened to that thread.


L I T E R A L. A I D S. (GOD DAMN bods)


The almighty RPG was glorious, anyone who says otherwise should be publicly executed.


Well. If it were good, somebody would have already revived and kept it active at this point


But I guess it has’nt ended since there is no end


Unlike you scum, we civilized people don’t revive dead posts.


Well we need an end for it


It can’t be left at the climax and be resoluted


Pretty sure the apocalypse happened and that ended it.


Ya know what Fuck it, im making a undertale thread


Dont do it, unless it’s based in space.


Hello yes I am active forum user


Saying your active doesn’t prove anything


That’s the joke


also you’re*


I like jokes tell me one (for being from Brazil several puns will not make sense).


here’s a joke:

actually receiving a UII key