Sprite Cranberry


me when I arrive late to this thread and scroll up





Don’t ask.


Why the elf ears, I have to ask


Not quite sure, I guess because Elves know their own Forests much like the Soviets know their own Winter; tbh I couldn’t tell you.


Moving on…

Such a shame, J...

I tried so hard, and got so far…

But in the end, it doesn’t even matter!

Fucking weebs xddd


Pork’s future wife



Ah, you know how it is, I hear busting bunkers is wonderful this time of year, the perfect spot for any 152mm couple.


I’ll keep it real with y’all

Undertale memes are cringier than anime memes

And if you by chance have a fetish for ship/tank/navy stuff anime tiddies you’re a fucking degenerate


Are you sure it’s bunkers you’re busting?



Animes like gurren laggan are chill though


And btw, really? A bomb?

C'mon, you can do better


Shit so much fuckin weaboos here

Shield appear or whatever

Great now my Search history has anime wow just kill me now




Is that an innuendo; and if so, this Forum is rated PG.


I like how we’ll be remembered by this,

New forum users come in,
Old Ones leave,

"Jee wiz what a bunch of fuckin weaboos,
At Least the handsome and strong one, Pesky, Called everyone out on this¨


Someone is feeling slightly Ego-boosted; but I can’t disagree with your first statement.