Hm, fine, I’ll accept that, but I won’t be happy about it.



[X] Doubt


To be honest I wouldn’t mind T-dolls being an actual thing






I can marry my Mosin? Hm, what an interesting concept.



My badge just gained a whole new meaning.


Says the weeb, lol.


Riley Reid is better than all these underages put together…



I honestly nearly flagged this topic for being Off-Topic but realized that is literally what the point of the post was about.


Hey now, you can stop liking all of Atom’s posts, some of us have been working hard to get to the top of the artificial ladder.


Are you done?

Rebecca Linares is even sexier…


Yeah, I’m done.

For now

Definitely not a link to a website that your parents do not want to find in your internet history.


This thread is precisely why i fucking hate this forum with a burning passion now. Fuck this shit.


This is #memes for a damn reason…



I’d rather have the goblin slayer girl


Sorry bro. I was as disappointed as you are.

I just couldn’t resist to not allow losing the fight :man_shrugging:


Which one is that?


RedComm eating between waves of the the Anime onslaught which he eventually succumbs to (Circa 2018)


You underestimate my power.

I wield both the power of communism and anime.


The main one, I forgot her name