The Priestess?

Heres a Priestess Padoru for you

Or was it the High Elf


once again,

I’m Gone for 1 hour and you weaboos cant constrain yourselves


We don’t have boundaries we can’t be constrained even by ourselves


Wth even happened to this post. This reached 100 replies faster than the one post.

I think we set a new record.


Actually, jokes on you all, cause now I have a farm of anime to use for reference. HAHAHAHAHAH.


are you referencing blackmailing

because i don’t care really.

Its as long as you don’t email students or friends in my school



Remember your training boys.

Only the cool kids get this one.


Has this topic been containment? well shit

Say good bye to your replies boys, they’re gone


what the fuck last time i checked this post there was like 10 replies




Guess this is truly a containment chamber now.


That’s Accurate



fuck i cant think of a good title so just click this for relevancy


Nope, we aren’t gonna stop.


Padoru padoru



Talk about anime, @MoltonMontro
Took some time, but I dug this up from the depths of the Internet.

What say you, foul creature?


he looks like link from botw


Compliment or insult?