What do you eat in the morning?


Coffee is bad for prepubescent development, you should probably stop drinking it


My toes have fallen off they are burning help


bagels and ganoler bars


whip whip nae nae ganoler is amazing but I usually have it before I sleep


i know ganoler is so good even if its not bars


What do you think about granoler hats?! I want one!


hats made out of ganoler? ive never seen one before


Cereal, fruity Dino bites. Oatmeal. Just oatmeal.


Do you go for the quick-cook ones or the milled ones?


I eat fried eggs and coffee for breakfast, thinking of adding bacon to the mix so I can become american soon


Weetabix and Apple Cider.


craker bargle


I have no time in the morning, since I like to have as much sleep as possible, since I’m usually deprived of it.
I make sure I just have enough time to grab a waffle.
Just out of the package, no preparation.


looks tasty ngl


I eat an apple every morning, if I don’t have any apples I will eat cereal


The forbidden spread

jokes aside I usually eat cereal (Cornflakes or Rice Bubbles) or toast with cheese spread. Sometimes I eat pancakes, French toast or waffles. When I have neither of those, I eat soft breakfast cookies as a last resort.


I take two waffles, you know, they got holes

Toast it up

Slather peanut butter into all the holes of one

Slather syrup into the holes of the other one

Slam them together violently


I eat whatever the privatized bread lines give me. >:(


your comment has so much emotion that it looks sarcastic lol


I mostly eat the milled ver. But I occasionally eat the mini microwave things.


I am just a happy person! :smiley: