What do you like/not like about washington?


I would love to be able to edit Washingtons textures, grass and materials in the map editor


Pros of Washington:

Decent size, with lots of zombies and wildlife providing a challenge for all players.

Ammunition is quite rare for military weapons, meaning that players will use more civilian weapons instead.

Lots of room for bases, with trees that can provide cover.

Cons of Washington:

Seattle is the only interesting location on the map. You will rarely find players anywhere else.

Too many military spawns and far too many guns to be even considered a challenge.

Players care more about PvP than fighting zombies.


i don’t think you guys noticed but they’re is barely even any survival in unturned

especially in washington


Washington. Where do I start.
I would like to point out that nearly every single city in this map is either in a valley or wedged between hills that really encourages snipers to linger about and shoot into the cities.

Seattle in partciular has this but several times worse. You don’t just have the entire city enclosed by hills and highground, but you also have the two towers, the needle and the bridge.

The city turns into a warzone with extreme ease, however thats why some people really like it.

The Washington map has always made me wonder, what if we capitalize on this appeal. I would love for Nelson to make a really competitive urban-jungle map for Unturned. Maybe New york or Detroit.


I do not like the spawns of the map its just like you can just run from the seattle to the military base and your then already geared or just spawn next to the military base. Its so unbalanced like a lootzone would fit for it like spawning around the center of the map and getting closer to the middle with getting bigger chances of meeting hostile players and stronger zombies.


I just need to say
Washington is not an single-player map
Because of the loot spawns. It’s just to easy to get loot and be geared and BOOM you’re done what else there’s nothing to do anymore

Only thing in my opinion that Washington is good with is RP


you can though, you just make new textures


But you can’t edit/change the materials


washington has guns

now it’s up to you if you think I consider it bad or not


Nelson makes map in america
Map is oriented around violence
Perception 100


Not even gonna mention how inaccurate that is.


t.someone who lives in the suburbs


terrain color, and it being a main pvp map tbh. yeah it’s probably nothing special, but i’m kinda looking for the post apocalyptic survival feeling instead of G R E E N E V E R Y W H E R E


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berries :smirk: