What do YOU want to see in a server?




we’re gonna work together fr. get this shit ROLLIN yeet. I suck at making maps, let alone NPCs or anything next-level. Theres also a medieval objects pack - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1654565755

And Germany, and Cyprus



We’re going medieval? awesome. I’ll probably stick to creating objects for it but I might dip in here and there if I need something that isn’t worth creating


I mean I’d love to create a medieval RP. Theres a map that already exists, but it’s uncessarily gigantic. If you open it up, I like what they did with the Royal Castle town (spawn was right beside it) because it was such a small area to mess around in. But now the map has expanded ten fold and everywhere is so sparsely separated that no good RP gets done.

Maybe take some ideas from the map, but make it much smaller. I’d say small to medium sized (Between Alpha Valley and PEI) but idkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. We’d really need to DM about this if you wanna try to do such a map.

Also speaking of medieval map objects, the same people that made that map took Spyjacks Tales of Terror medieval-like weapons and edited them to be a bit more balanced. We could also use those. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1186318457


ohhh god… compound.


I don’t mean to put this down to you, but I don’t have many things needed to create a server or have a server host (Specifically a personal phone number that I know of at least ) And if i wanted to have my own personal server, id have to have a lot of money, somewhere in the thousands or even tens of thousands for high player servers.


You know what, that dosen’t seem that hard to do. I do have 120$ stocked up, and theres no stupid ass government law to prevent me from owning a server or network of high quality servers so, sure.
I only need to get a phone with a number, probably a flip phone.
(scratch that last part, any revenue past around 1000 dollars a week is going to be taxed.)


The servers will be based on Quality, Player Enjoyment, Player Legacy, and Original Ideas.
Later on in server Dev if we make enough money i want to host a 48-64 player server due to my fascination with them.


You don’t need a phone number to create a server. lol

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to make a server machine. Your own computer can run a server or two just fine lol. Unless you mean you want to make thousands of dollars from your server… well then It’d have to offer tons of unfair ranks to do so - and I don’t support unfair server ranks or practices

If you were to actually go out and build a server machine 120$ is nowhere near enough… :slightly_frowning_face:

Again, no need for a phone to create a server on your own computer

The servers I try to create are Quality, Equality, fair and enjoyable, and sometimes original ideas. I don’t see a lot of other franchises being very democratic or lending tons of power to the players - which is something we try to do with votes for what servers they want, votes for who should be staff. I think it’s pretty original and unique. And if it’s not, then creative people like you can work together and help build a better, fair network :smiley:

  1. Some server hosters require a phone number such as Lhyme

  2. Some people make there own server networks (Sometimes) that are owned by them

  3. I never really mentioned making a network due to the cost, and that i literally can’t buy property at my age

  4. See on line 1

  5. When it comes to life you got to be in the middle to appeal to everyone.
    Some people like to shoot the hell out of eachother for enjoyment and some despise it.
    Try to make things for every group of people, maybe something someone likes is what someone else likes, if you see somebody with an idea don’t ever push him away, unless its literal garbage mail that dosen’t help anyone at all.


Oh yea also add me on discord if you want to talk
Or steam if you prefer that


Alright, my discord is Froggo#9809, let’s do this project


You don’t need to buy property to run a server

Thats if you wanted to rent servers. Renting servers costs lots of money, while hosting servers at home costs none.

Some people do, yeah. I host 6 servers from home on my own machine with ease. It costed me no upfront cost.


We’ve hit 87 responses. Which sounds great - my goal is 100 before I bother to compile the data together, but Unturned has 13,165 people playing on average… so like… thats less than 1% :frowning:


Yes but this is one of the few instances where the minority is correct


If i diden’t rent a server then I woulden’t be able to play games on my computer, also id need a really good computer to actually do it
Most server owners rent due to them not having thousands of dollars or they don’t want to use their personal computer to make your own hosted servers
Servers require special computers to run unless your doing a 2-6 player lan server


My computer cost around 500$. It can run 7 servers (6 Unturned, 1 MySQL) and run games at the same time.

(The first Unturned process is me actually playing Unturned, while the rest are the servers)

Again, this machine only costed ~500$. It could host a few more than 6 Unturned servers if I never played on it, too.

Servers do not require special computers… theres very few major differences between server-grade machines and a consumer-grade one. One may be ECC RAM, and another may be gold-bin CPU’s which are made for 24/7/365 use.

Of course when you run game servers they will go down and up every once in a while. And ECC RAM definitely isn’t required for something as unimportant as a game server. That kind of stuff is for extreme mission-critical things, like banking transactions. Most renters use crappy old hardware, don’t specify what hardware it is, and have you over-pay for using it. Theres an entire section on our website dedicated to explaining why renting is bad - http://royalarms.net/home/info/explained


I suppose. I really only gave the poll to more active engaged people in the community, aswell as asking some other server owners to advertise it to their players.


So I’ve hit a major problem because jesus christ I dont know how to compile this data in a way that fits with the borda count system. I even created a help post on google spreadsheets to no avail.


PM over Discord, I’m semi-not shit at Google Spreadsheets and I think I have a solution.

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