What game got you into gaming?


Natural Selection from Unknown worlds (Subnautica devs)


Age Of Empires 1 (The Rise of Rome). It was such a good time man :smiley: .


Cool Math 4 kidz, especially the shellshock like one on the Spike’s games section


Minecraft, before it was cool, and before it was a meme.:grinning:


iirc, either halo 1 or crash bandicoot the wrath of cortex

ig that explains why i’m ok with platforming in first person.


Fairly sure i saw my dad playing CoD:2 on the computer and then i wanted to play to be like him. Then he showed me Medal of Honor, Metal Gear Solid, and there was this Army Men 3D game for PS1 i played the heck out of.

Got my Steam account when back in 2014 when i downloaded the Surgeon Simulator demo off the internets and accidentally clicked on their ad for their greenlight on the main menu, which brought me to Steam, which prompted my brother to buy the full game for me via Steam for my birthday.

I also remember we were browsing Steam for F2P games since i had no money and was bored like a month after getting Steam and downloaded Unturned because it looked fun. Bought Gold soon after. Still the best game on Steam imo.


GTA - San Andreas. I got into Saints Row 1 and 2, and the Just Cause series later on, those games sparked my interest for gaming, definitely. I’m still a big fan of open world action-adventure games.


Mainly flash games and wii games.


Super fighters deluxe


First games I ever played was in the Kitchen on a PS2. Crash bandicoot, guitar hero, ratchet and clank, jak and daxter, some others.

I got into online gaming a little a kid, mostly playing Roblox because I clicked on a cringy banneradd or lusting to buy minecraft. What seriously propelled me into Online gaming & computer gaming, however, was watching fun Youtubers like Vuxxy play Unturned.

edit: which I later played with him -


An old flash game, Territory Wars.


serious sam tfe


I change my mind, THIS game got me into gaming:


Definitely Flash games. Games like Epic Battle Fantasy 3 come to mind.


Take off the helmet and that dood looks like my father!


What, fleeing in a space car?


Minesweeper but unironically.


Half-Life 2 Episode 1


Quake 2 i played that game in an internet cafe and then i suddenly fell in love with Pc games

And minecraft fk