What is your most embarrassing moment on this forum hehe


most embarrassing moment so far? recommending a kidnapping system. god what was i thinking lol


ok sweetie, remember i packed you some cookies for your big game today! have a good day at school, and try to focus in pre-algebra! tell ms kemper i said hi. : - ) <3

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>t. doesn’t understand philosophy

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I assume this is what you wanted.

This is foolish, you are in a semi-gated community, so the “unlimited” amount is more so about a hundred people, and thats over estimating lurkers, who will literally never respond to you. If you are being anxious over what random people in a kids video game forum think about your suggestions in a kids video game forum, this not only goes against your normie-reddit-pleb tier nihilism view on life that is sourced from isolation and a narrow view on life, that doesnt even get into the interesting hunter s thompson aspects of nihilism (basically actually having fun with your life instead of just whining about it) but is also just stupid as fuck.

Or you could change it, because making edgy posts that probably took a while to poorly fabricate doesnt. You are probably thinking “b-b-b-but you are responding…doesnt that mean you are my equal in this type of a situation?” No, because I am not shrouding myself in a thin, pathetic veil of philosophy (excluding thompsonism if you really want to push it) I am doing this because I think its funny, and almost every decisions I make is based on having fun.

Then it shouldn’t logically concern you, you think to much and act to little. Realise that there are incredibly little consequences in life, make a forum post saying “On a scale of 1-10 how much do you hate me” if you really want to.

Again, thinking far too much, I havent seen any overt “shitting on” of you or any of you ideas, and if I had I forgot them, which shows how meaningless they are. You are not the center of the world, you make far few faults than you think, and even fewer people notice the ones you do make.

You are most likely misinterpreting those equivocals, probably due to low self esteem and self loathing, which you should knock off, as they are probably based off of what other people think of you in real life, and most problems other than severe disabilities can be solved with hard work, drugs and money.

Again, a loop of conflicting bullshit, if you truly believed in a nihilistic mindset, you wouldn’t get so wrapped up in so much absurdly petty things.

Thats how life works. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

So stop being a bitch and better yourself.

This is bullshit and you know it

So then how are you, with the supposed knowledge that nothing exists for a reason, (which you clearly don’t actually have) are you insane? If not, why are you better than almost everyone, and if you are the superior person, why are you not more successful, not only from a monetary/economic standpoint, but from a primitive sexual and social one?

This is a contradiction, are you trying to say that reasoning is a spectrum? Because if so, thats bullshit

And yet your denial to accept that life has no meaning comes from a spiritual mindset, as you beg, and throw a tantrum into the concept of life only being for fun. You have no validity to criticize religion, when at the core you are a deeply soul searching person. I seriously believe if you threw yourself into it, you would find peace in a faith.

And yet we can and partially do. Again, you criticize religion for rejecting life for fun, and yet you criticize life for having no meaning. Not only do you get wrapped up in petty feelings that made up people might have on the internet, you feel a need to shit on people at peace with their faith. This is a horribly pessimistic mindset that will get you nowhere.

Life is one massive masturbation session where you sit there and jack off your serotonin and dopamine receptors to receive as much pleasure as possible. You have already bought the ticket, you have already been born, so just take the ride and enjoy it.

Cant reason the fact that chemical reaction in your brain make you feel good. It is pure science. You dont need to believe it because you already experience it, and your entire life is you trying to experience more of it while being trapped in a rigid cage of your own pessimism.

Life is already explainable, see above. If you want to spend more time pondering it, you are better off joining up in a religion, as you will find your answer faster. If you still want to ponder it while being an atheist you are wasting your time you could be spending on hookers and MDMA.

There is a reason, you are a coward. Your brain was molded, either in natal conception, where you took the genetic mix from your parents and decided that having stronger fight or flight responses was a good thing, something that a millennia ago would make you one of the greatest hunters in your tribe, but now render you crippled due to your inability to accept that it is fairly easy to adapt using pavlovian methods and practice, or early childhood experience leaving you crippled, which again can be changed using pavlovian methods and practice. If you want to, or really, if you want to spend the money, you can easily be prescribed substances that nullify your inner cowardice, making you a better person, and as you realize “Wow, all my fears were false, I was just scared due to poor brain chemistry the entire time” It becomes easier to replicate while not on medication, effectively curing yourself.

Your mental health, is fairly solvable, you just have to actually get out and fix it, and your philosophy is cowardly and bullshit. Try to not think about it and instead go live life for a few years, then come back and reform it. You will most likely realize that life is either completely for fun, of believe in self actualization, which is a little harder to achieve.

You shouldn’t, and yet you still do, showing a unwillingness to practice what you preach.

Like a coward? You better not.

So then dont die until you are done having fun.

So what? Why does it matter if the sensations you feel arent real, if you still feel them? If you lived your entire life scared of when you will die, you wont have lived your life at all.

Literally why not? You feel good when you indulge, thats just how it works. The only reason you shouldn’t indulge in something is if realistically, it is likely that down the road it will prevent you from indulging more.

Yes it is, because you keep contorting your perception of life into one that is so pessimistic that you wont have fun.

haha beans : - )

coca te

Hedonism is no less a philosophy than nihilism.

What even remotely indicated that?

Plenty of people are afraid of death, and that in no way invalidates their lives or any portion thereof.

You may not see any other reason to not always indulge in pleasures, but that is because you are approaching the idea from the perspective of a hedonist, but you don’t have the authority to discredit any other reasons that people from another perspective might have.


lol philosiohy gay

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Maybe your philosophy is :sunglasses:


I feel like I’m going to lose my reg

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