What type of survival game do you guys play besides Unturned?


minecraft has zombies so


I think you made the wrong type of poll, it should be multiple choice.


@danaby2 listen here son

you made me check your profile to see if you had H1Z1

and guess what I just learned!

Daybreak literally rebranded both games. It’s now just “H1Z1” and “Just Survive.” They’ve literally gone and distanced their original game from themselves.

Also, you don’t have Just Survive, but you do have H1Z1.

I didn’t want to know any of this.


listen here son



Maybe he went and got a cracked version of one of them D:


Rust doesn’t have zombies. Also, next time you make a poll like this, it might have been fitting to give us expanded option variety, as well as the ability to choose multiple at once.

I’d also like to point out that nowhere in the original post or title do you mention zombie survival in particular.


When does despacito 2 comin out?


Nelson has confirmed the release of Despacito 2 alongside the release of Unturned II