What's left of the Arizona map


While looking in 2.0’s files for a few models that I needed for a little April Fool’s thing I was working on, I came across a few models from a old cancelled map named Arizona, which would’ve looked like this:

(These are the only images I can find of Arizona on Google, however there apparently was a dev stream that was removed from Youtube that had more content)

The models themselves:

Cactus 1

Cactus 2

Palm tree


Exceedingly long bridge that sat in front of the dam

Oil rig - seen in the removed dev stream, shared a location with the mobile trailer

Mobile trailer - also seen in the removed dev stream

Some textures I found that seem to go with them:

Arizona splatmaps, showing the area by the dam as being nearly complete before it was abandoned

From left to right: textures for the palm tree, cactus, dead tree 1, and dead tree 2*

* I wasn’t able to find the models for the dead trees


Impressive find!

Imagine how different Unturned’s history may have been if Arizona came out.


Whoa! That’s actually really cool, amazing how this only surfaced now when the pre-beta of 4.0 is almost out…Nice find!


What the first desert map in Unturned history could’ve been


Context for the curious regarding its content and implementation: http://steamcommunity.com/app/304930/discussions/0/45350245207347116/?l=polish and https://www.reddit.com/r/unturned/comments/2azpnp/video_of_the_arizona_map/


Bit of a shame, because Infestation is a failure at the end. Even the devs have shady practises, like false advertising