What's the most minor way you've influenced 3.0?


I nuked some safezones. But their indestructible.

Only thing I’ve affected unturned with is my darker nights suggestion for 4.0. So yeah


A lot of people have suggested darker nights, I fail to see how that’s affected unturned


i got our lord, nelson sexton to hit a sick dab




But my 2 posts are probably the reason Nelson added that to the to do. Plus, I’m pretty sure mine was the only one to go in depth about it.


I talked with nelson twice on discord



how are u so sure about that lol


Ehh whatever. I’m sure, but whatever.


I literally created everything


i commented first on the hawaii update xd
i wish i had something better to do


And I’m pretty sure this thread is about people that influenced something in 3.0, not in a game that isn’t even out yet.


I influenced him to add the dinosaur skull item in germany map which looks just like my profile pic


Pretty sure that’s more of a conquincidence than anything tbh


That’s why I said I hadn’t done anything for 3.0, but 4.0 I mightve


i don’t call that influencing, but i was actually whining about the endless blizzard in the canada map and yukon


That burning you feel? It is shame.


Good old tf2 reference


I’m fairly certain that I was the catalyst for Nelson finally fixing the ‘getting out of vehicles when the exit spawn is blocked’ as Hexadecimal and I were in a game together on a Modject Factions map and I landed my Huey sideways and through Hex I had a proxy conversation with Nelson and he started working on new exit spawns on vehicles.

But let’s be honest 4.0 is where most of my influence went


watches as Nelson releases the beta as a city building sim


BCR will live forever in our hearts