What's your opinion on the Alpha release of Apocalypse rising 2?


Since i’m a 5-year Roblox veteran, I wanted to read the Unturned community’s opinions or thoughts about this new game.

The original Apocalypse rising was the first zombie survival game I ever played in my life but it was okay. Today, the original Apocalypse rising is filled with exploiters (It doesn’t mean I dislike the game, I just dislike the exploiters) which I think makes the game not fun anymore.

When I first play Apocalypse rising 2 (I spent over 995 robux on the alpha), the game was pretty fun to play. It’s filled with bandits trying to gun you down. Clothing has no storage just like the original, the only thing with storage are Backpacks, vests and belts. Compared to the Original Apoc, the map takes place in a tropical island called “Alpha island”.

In my opinion, I think that Apocalypse rising 2 is good enough. It is still in Alpha so Im pretty sure there will be new improvements. Heck, I saw an exploiter in Apocalypse rising 2 spawning like over 12 m16s in one circle :anguished: of the map.

Feel free to check the game yourself (Price decreases overtime): https://www.roblox.com/games/863266079/Apocalypse-Rising-2-Alpha


I’m going to just openly admit that I’ve never played AR or AR2, but it seems to have taken major inspiration from what made Unturned a success.

Not implying that positively or negatively.


I know right, I wasn’t sure if Deadzone and Apoc were rivals before. I joined being apart of the Roblox community around late 2013 (When I was 11 years old).


Deadzone was definitely a main rival of AR.

They talk about it a lot specifically referring to it as just that.


Yep, thanks for letting me know that. One thing that I also enjoyed in AR2, is that I get to teabag the bandits corpse after I shot them!


Where do I sign /s


I don’t know what you mean /s


I think it’s great for Gus to develop a well-made zombie survival game in that site. Gives appeal to a wide range of people

I’m sure the rivalry with the originals wasn’t that bad. It’s just that people took it too seriously especially with the april fools prank that has gone wrong (Renaming Deadzone to AR)


/s means sarcasm