What's your Salien?




why is wheatly inside that?


don’t worry about it


Get the holy water and the flames of purification.
We need to prepare for the exorcism!
Also, remember to grab candles. Lots of candles. And chalk, by the way.


I think your hand is backwards…


I don’t understand what this Salien thing is.


You mind your own god damned business, froggy.


I had to leave the day the steam summer sale opened and I get home 2 days after it closes. I got nothing from this sale. I want to die


Well, you can open your mystery box from the previous sale for some… well… entirely useless items in your case?


A Post Tracking Every Single One Of MoltonMontro's Posts Starting June 16th to July 16th

~guess who didn’t get a mystery box~

(Ew, strikethrough, didn’t mean to do that)