Who remembers roblox


if you all have been supporting nelson long enough you would know the Roblox game deadzone and how many copies there were. I was never able to the original but I did play some of the copies and boy were the bad compared to now. haha


Deadzone doesn’t even belong to this category, much older ! Need a new one just for that :wink:


Yes, Yes we do. :wink: :smile:


I do. Mos of the players started playing when 3.0 came out so they dont even remember 2.0


I’d say that it’s quite wrong, many people started playing the game when it got released on Steam and during the next months, so basically when it got famous. Obviously after that a huge part of those players didn’t played it anymore. But I think that more people would recognize 2.0 over 3.0 if you asked them.