Y’all like Coleslaw?


That is absolutely tragic


The bigger the juicier it is.

I’m talking about pickles. The inner part is the meat of the pickle. Even if it’s too big you can still chop it to dices. While the smaller pickles are crunchier. I’m pretty sure the big one can sustain more people with less amount.


Have you see Babushka’s top shelf jar of pickles?


No but I’ve seen a walking pickle before.


slowly backs away

It’s something personal kid…


wait your dick fell off once?


shit i feel bad now
cause you now have a pussy


I’m sorry to post the following messages.

Tonight on fox news.
A “smoking-hot” bald pickle lady and her life with Nick Vujicic’s twin, bobby. With 3… er 4 childrens. You can see them now on fox news. tonight. 8 p.m.


Dude, what are you actually saying?


tbh, idk really know


Go to bed.


see the problem is that i dont drink, so i dont need to go to bed. The ACTUAL Problem is that when i order Coleslaw, i get pickles with it. Which sounds like a gg right? well i decided to bring it it up in this discussion only to find out Loz found a walking pickle jar before and believed he lost his dick and turned into a pussy.


Wait when I did stated that I have chopped a pp tho? I’m so confused.


Good night.


No… i said your dick fell off. Like it popped off. like a loli on a stick


Fuck no i just need a bit more beer k




fuck no i bought a car for a reason and i’ll use it for that reason


The reason you bought your car was to stop.


It looks terrible and too much mayo.