Your favorite gun from before 3.0?



What was your favorite gun to use before the era of OPERATIONMAPLELEAF?

It can totally be a gun that exists now, but try to provide reasoning and be a bit creative.

My personal favorite was the Lever Action Shotgun - on top of novelty and ease of use, it was excellent against most targets and a reliable weapon I could locate in any server. It also embodies the shell mechanic of 2.0 that we all deeply miss.


timber definetely timber. Mosin or novuh were fun tho.


Also i dont think that many players know what was operationmaple and im sure that 90% of players dont know 2.0 guns


The double barrel. I loved that gun.


Zubeknakov. My all-time favourite


I don’t think I ever had the courage of going into a military base after being chased by a mob for an eternity, but the Outfield would probably be the best I’ve experienced in 2.0. It felt so powerful for a civilian weapon.


True, the Outfield is definitely one of my favorite early-game weapons from back then


i think i’d either have to say the swissgewehr or the novuh

the swissgewehr was a semi-only weapon, but semi actually WORKED properly back then, and it was even preferable in most situations due to the absolutely ludicrous amount of recoil that most guns had back then. it was beefy, it was satisfying, it was a great example of a semi-only rifle all around and i really miss how reliable the semi firemode was

the novuh was like the lever action but i honestly just didn’t like the lever action’s cocking animation. it was just…wonky.


Swissgewehr was most notable to me than the Maplestrike was, for sure. All the police gear in general was appreciable. :heart:


I remember that time in the early days when people are trying to investigate the mysterious police gun. :smiley:


Speaking of which I should really get started on part 1 of my QoL collective suggestion.

Other than optimization, unregistered clicks with semi/melee is one of the most personally irritating issues in the game. It’s right up there with authoritative physics and overall vehicle physics.


Novuh and Swissgewehr for sure


I was a noob so any weapon made me happy.


C8 (Ten characters)


I can’t even


My favorite gun is actually the kopis. (Yes I know it’s only been in 3) But, it is the only pistol where the semi isn’t broken (ie you spam and it goes to pop pop,…pop…pop pop pop). The kopis actually goes pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop. It’s great. (And yes I know this is kind of a necro)


“the only pistol where the semi isn’t broken”

Literally every semi-auto gun in 2.0 was not broken

hmm yes


I was talking about the 3.0 guns but whatever.


I’m referring to how the topic of the post includes guns from any generation of Unturned, so your point about semi-auto would be invalidated if you had chosen a 2.0 gun.

Fair enough though. I like the Kopis too.


The old Maplestrike and Novuh