Zombie Bosses


Disscusion about all Current bosses and possibal future bosses.

Current Bosses

The beginning of Zombie Bosses, we got the Groundpounder, the Flamethrower, the Lightningstrike and the Cursed Pirate Zombie Boss which has the abilities of all the above, and the Acid Spitter, it also can through boulders like normal Mega Zombies.
This map only brought 1 boss zombie, The Kaiser Zombie Boss, which is identical to the Cursed Pirate Zombie Boss in every way.
This map brought the Magma Zombie Boss, this boss is Identical to the Flamethrower in every way.
This map brought, well nothing. I was told it was supposed to have the Nuclear Spitter but apparently this never happened/or I got the wrong Info, the boss itself is a copy of the normal Acid Zombie in every way.

Future Bosses

While we of course don’t have any idea of what future boss zombies might be, however we can always make suggestion! Leave them bellow, and I will add my favorite to this list.



Not made for the Ireland map, and doesn’t spawn on it.


From what I have been told, that was what it was made for. And it would make sense because of the Powerplant., also I forgot to add some text lol.

I forgot to add “it is a copy of the normal Acid Zombie in every way.”


I was told before the map’s release by team members it wasn’t, and considering it literally cannot spawn on the map because they didn’t add the files for it to be able to, it just can’t spawn on the map (without the player changing their own difficulty settings).

Btw a map’s zombie difficulty levels can be found in their Bundles folder, for example:



Hmm, okay will remove it.


The Nuclear Spitter and Spirit boss were made for Ireland as an addition to the game to stay around forever. The nuclear spitter does spawn on Ireland in the Money Point Reactor. We kept it a secret as we kept Ireland a secret.


I feel lied to then by one of the team members if both were made for Ireland (I was told just one was). :frowning: Can’t check rn, but assuming spitter boss is tied to a quest then atm?

My apologies extend to @Spebby regardless.


Who told you just one was? The nuclear boss spawns related to the IDF questline. Its how the player obtains the Judgement launcher without cheating.


Not sure, it was in a Discord conversation but would’ve been from a while ago.

Yeah, that makes sense. Completely forgot to check NPC quests on launch day. Fixed now.