1 more Golden Maplestrike in existence?

I come with this suggestion because I feel like this will change the economy of the game a bit.
I know there are 2 of “Ronan’s Golden Maplestrike” in the world.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there will be a chance of 00.50 % to craft it ? And after the first person crafts it * using materials * just disable it from being crafted. It would be a cool event.

Gold, silver and bronze skins are intended to be event prizes, I don’t see what makes you think being able to craft them is a good idea. Not to mention that you mention a specific skin attributed to one player

That name isn’t there for no reason, it’s Ronan’s Golden Maplestrike.


I know. But im talking about one without “ronan’s” in the name. a new one.

This is just the tf2 golden wrench event


Nah but jokes aside I’m down for exclusive craft skins that have an incredibly low chance of being crafted, except I don’t think they should be golden since the spots reserved for however you get golden skins.


100% chance to craft Froggo’s Silver Paddle. Let’s inflate the market


Sure. This does sound like OP wanting freebies but I can’t blame him since it would basically be free money (and nobody would say no to that)