101's Greece review

And on the Twelfth day of Christmas, 101 gave to me: A review of a curated map from SDG

I’m not gonna lie, Greece is a beautiful map. From the Tippy top of the Monastery to the seafloor below (I’ll touch up on that in a bit), it’s terrain and coloring is spot on. As an Arma fan, the work the M2M team has done to capture the essence of Greece (without spending thousands of dollars going to Greece, like BI did) is amazing. The architecture is some of the best in Unturned, if not the best. It’s so well done it gives me a hard on. The buildings are spacious and well made, and will most certainly be a big hit on custom maps.

First off, This map is buggy. Really buggy. Frankly in some cases it’s hardly playable in certain areas. To start off, the NPCs (and objects, as I later found out) like to pop in and out of existence as they please, especially these two: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/914660076789871631/18575ED02C61216B1789B07DCA803DCA48EF895A/

Don’t worry, as they’re cartainly not hesitant to show off their asses once you’re a good 5 meters away. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/914660076789871868/117AF61B61374BFFF280AB0D531CDEC105788448/

Secondly, the spawns are pretty whack. I might be using some mods (It’s a vanilla issue), but I’m fairly certain Grocer’s clothing shouldn’t ever exist in a police station. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/914660076789872091/F6F05339EA1895158013A50AF3BA4171B5929F63/

Also, as what I’ve found to be a staple of M2M maps, Invisible walls/floors/etc. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/914660076789872727/91C091B5BF5E073F63F5AC26FA7292343C17BA29/

I can shoot through it, but cannot pass below ground level, and simply float, as show below.

Giggles silently to self

Also you can drive the Big Boi

I forget exactly where this tunnel is, but don’t fall through it, as it’ll make you fall to the bottom of the map, aka Liquid Hell. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/914660076789871275/9264A953F56A8658D05ED0BA8285845721716A84/

Honestly, if this map were a girl, I’d be hatefucking her right now. It’s an amazingly beautiful map, but it’s so buggy that it makes me wonder if any playtesting actually went into it. Although my issues may be few, they’re certainly large ones that’ll subtract from a proper playing experience.

Expect a few more edits, as I’ve only went through a few select areas, and rather lightly at that.


also in the grocer picture, there’s a fucking spec ops vest in the counter next to it. the fuck?

also also the lancer scope on the chimera is an absolute fucking meme and i adore it

Anyone tried putting a scope/sight on the Backlash

I tried a Cross Scope (Was the only Scope ID I could recall at the moment). Actually doesn’t look too buggy and pretty neat.

7x scope is hotdog mode

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My little review on the guns from a modders perspective.
Spoiler alert: everything but the Chimera is rushed and unpolished.
inb4 another kiddo complains that I’m making this on Christmas and totally ignoring the fact that the guns are more unpolished than a raw diamond dropped into a running blender full of dirt.

Oh yeah there’s also the fact that police zombies give 3000+ EXP, military zombies basically shit out attachments (and may I remind you that’s what happened with Hawaii during release) along with many landmass bugs (I recall spawning underwater in one area, and many objects not being accessable; just like Hawaii)

Overall it’s a great improvement over Hawaii, but I’m beginning to sense a pattern here.

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You know I would really appreciate it if they don’t follow the same old steps like with Nelson (Rushed maps due to a deadline, unrefined item releases, etc.) as if they want to replicate his mistakes. But again they might need community feedback to successfully polish their map, so yeah. Maybe it’s because they couldn’t find the errors as efficiently as 25k players?

And I heard new maps are coming in the next few months (Unconfirmed, don’t take my word for it), so I might expect an Armageddon of bugs and broken stuff

Here’s the thing, some of the bugs are incredibly obvious; Sure having 25k players bug hunting is faster and more efficient, but when playtesting you would expect that you’d find such bugs as the one where police zombies give 3000+ EXP or the numerous bugs involving the landmass.


I’ve only played the map for about 10 minutes and i easily noticed several bugs (which have been stated here)

The npc base looks highly unpolished from the top (nevermind the fact that there is no safezone and that one of the tunnels of the npc bunker literally leads to a hole in the map

The weapons are buggy as shown by @Dgsonic

A minor complaint but i feel like the rockets used in the missile pods shouldn’t be just uh, common? They’re freaking rockets.

Map flow seems somewhat odd to me. Not many military bases around from what I can tell

The deadzone military base is sort of ridiculous. Really? Military zombies dropping spec ops loot?

I’m straying a little bit away from bugs and such and more onto personal complaints I suppose, but I wish we’d gotten at least one new ranger grade weapon with the map. An SKS or something would have really spiced up ranger locations.


Indeed. The models of the new weapons are…they just look rushed. Like they’re part of a mod instead of an actual thing. The new pistol literally just looks like a Kryzkarek with a lighter color and Avenger sights. The MRLS’s rockets are also unrefined as hell. I mean, what are those rocket trails? (And it’s not fully automatic) M2M, please pay some more attention to detail on certain things.

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Hey guys!!! We are actively checking all these bug report posts and will be fixing them all ASAP. A deep thank-you from the M2M team for all the feedback!


the MRLS IS full auto, it’s just stupidly slow

also i think the models for the new weapons are fine. even the kopis is fine, because really all the pistols look similar. but there’s a number of other problems with them (including the infamous “Lancer with Lockdown mags” bug. seriously, how did that get through? literally just change the caliber number for the lancer and lancer rocket to be unique. that’s it.)


Unless that MRLS can shoot in chains, then it’s not a true Katyusha

That’s actually part of a mod, and is simply just a reskinned police vest for the FBI.

It is full auto. Hold down the left mouse button (or whatever you have shoot assigned to) and you can see it’s full auto. You can also tell it’s full-auto because if you look at the firing modes it has, it has “auto.”

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