2 Bugs i found in unturned

Hello there! The bugs i show here are done by me on unturned map washington and the tutorial map.
I have video proof of me doing them but i do not know how to attach the videos. If someone could tell me how i would love to attach the videos.

Hey Silviu2007! Welcome to the community! It is very simple to attach video to your post, click on the button in shape of a pen to edit your message, then in the text box at the bottom left side where you entered your text drag and drop your video!You can also click on the button in shape of a picture above your text edit box to search for the files you want to upload! then you will just need to save the edit and it will be done!
Hope I helped you!

The Tutorial map isn’t intended to stop the player from getting out of the parkour, in fact there is a little easter egg that can be found outside of it.


As Oyamat said the tutorial map doesn’t intend you to be stuck within it, I never heard anyone do it but from time to time I spawn a heli in the map and try and quit the tutorial area so yeah it’s not a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

I know but i am trying to get the debugger’s beret so im reporting every bug i find

OOF well good luck! just when you see a map glitch make sure it’s not an easter egg :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure man my bad i knew about the easter egg but at the time i forgot about it

At least the washington heritage zombie glitch is good , right?

Yeah, still it will need to be identified as a game glitch and not your PC acting up at that step I think you’ll get your berett

You can try the glitch yourself by putting a horde beacon and bringing the mega zombie inside the shack

Okay! I’ll try and not burn my PC

‘‘Just sending a few bug reports does not earn someone a Debugger’s Beret, especially if those reports are on issues massively reported (or reported days ago), and more so if these are minor bugs.’’

‘‘That aside, there is no “set amount” or specific “format” that earns you a Debugger’s Beret either. My recommendation is to report bugs solely because you want to help the game, and not be influenced by a hat collection.’’


A little reminder regarding the beret itself, as for the bug I believe it has been brought up many times in the past, more of an issue with the building itself rather than the map I think, happens with a few others iirc.