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I like to make unturned maps but i find the devkit editor too confusing and i am tired to look everything up and to then fail. my suggestion for the 3.0 editor is to:

  1. merge them into one editor with the versitility of the devkit and the simplicity of the normal one.

  2. keep the normal devkit and add the volumes, materials (in the devkit you can mix and match any material from all the maps) and all the other wacky tacky shit that comes with the devkit in the normal one.

  3. just make the devkit more simple to use, learn and navigate

Here is a poll

  • i want 1.
  • i want 2.
  • i want 3.

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Tbh I don’t want it to change
Dev kit level editor isnt even that complex once you get the hang of it


The Devkit was made because some of its features wasn’t going to be easily feasible in the normal editor.

Merging them into one editor would essentially just be Nelson remaking the entire editor, or just improving the Devkit and then deleting the normal editor.

Adding the more advanced tools to the normal editor isn’t going to be likely, unfortunately.


I want nether option, as Molton said it’s unlikely because Nelson would have to remake the editor anyways. Devkit isn’t that hard to use but it is a bit alienating to those who aren’t used to gritty editors like Hammer.

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I really just want devkit to be easier navigate nice i don’t really understand it

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it’s easier to navigate than this, you can do it.


Jesus fuck what is that

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the Hammer World Editor, used for making maps for games like L4D 1 & 2, CS:GO; CS Source, TF2, Garry’s Mod, Source Filmmaker, HL2 and a few other games I forgot to mention.

Oh and DOTA 2 also runs on Hammer, but uses a updated version.

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