Update Notes

Unturned - SDGNelson


This update brings improvements to all aspects of the game from fixes to features. Highlights include:

  • Post-processing effects have been upgraded for performance, quality, and fixes. In particular the first-person viewmodel skins now benefit from ambient occlusion and bloom.

  • Valid underground spaces have been manually designated, so players out-of-bounds are automatically teleported back into the map. Along with fixes to miscellaneous physics exploits this ought to put a stop to underground glitch bases.

  • Many new toys for creators from the basis of custom weather events (e.g. sandstorms) to replacing the vanilla crafting recipes in total conversions.

Update Notes:

Gameplay Changes:

  • Added Non-Headshot Armor Multiplier to zombie config for difficulty or headshot-only modes.

  • Added Bypass_Buildable_Mobility to gameplay config which allows sentry guns and beds on vehicles.

  • Allow_Instakill_Headshots player config applies to zombies when Weapons_Use_Player_Damage is enabled.

  • Passengers cannot repair their vehicle unless per-vehicle Can_Repair_While_Seated is enabled.

  • Oil pumpjacks and fuel tanks can hold 4x as much gasoline.

  • Cannot build on vehicles with occupied seats.

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Accepted several new skin submissions from the curated workshop.

  • Added confirmation button to menu notifications replacing the dismissal timer.

  • Added underground whitelist volumes that teleport out-of-bounds players back above the terrain.

  • Added timeout when loading map is finished and waiting for server to accept connection.

  • Replaced client-side Steam inventory quantity consolidation with automatic server-side stacking.

  • Anonymous name is shown rather than groupmate nickname while in streamer mode.

  • Upgraded from Unity’s post process stack v1 to v2.

  • Zombies stuck during horde beacon are teleported to a valid spawn point.

  • Reworked third-person camera to use sphere sweeps (rather than raycasts) when testing for obstructions.

  • Master bundle hashes are included in game asset hashes to prevent overriding with modified versions.

  • Structures disable LOD group culling to prevent entities from being seen inside bases.

  • Moved asset bundles into per-platform depots to reduce download sizes.

Server Hosting:

  • Added support for Steam game server login tokens. Docs

  • Warn about old versions of RocketMod during server startup. Newer versions have important fixes. Docs

  • Linux ServerHelper.sh script defaults to steamcmd’s steamclient.so if available.

  • “+connect” command-line argument properly works with non-standard ports. (Only used 27015-27030 range before.)

  • Added -OfflineOnly command-line flag for dedicated servers that disables requests to internet. In LAN mode it skips the Steam backend connection and uses locally cached workshop items. There will need to be some netcode reworking before purely offline multiplayer is fully supported.

Custom Modding:

  • Added ability for song assets to use master bundle references and legacy localization. Docs

  • Added Valid_Speed_Up and Valid_Speed_Down for vehicles to override sanity checks. (meters per second)

  • Added Relevant_Distance setting to effect assets. Players within this radius will be sent the effect in multiplayer.

  • Added support for multiple blade IDs per weapon.

  • Added Allow_Horde_Beacon setting to zombie difficulty assets.

  • Added Can_Player_Equip setting to items useful for sentry-only weapons.

  • Added Gunshot_Rolloff_Distance setting to guns and Gunshot_Rolloff_Distance_Multiplier to silencers.

  • Added Attack_Anim_Variants, Eat_Anim_Variants, Glance_Anim_Variants and Startle_Anim_Variants settings for animals.

  • Added ClientTextChatMessenger and ServerTextChatMessenger components for mods. Docs

  • Vehicles missing seat transforms spawn defaults and log a warning.

  • Tidied up Dying Light content for mods and added Volatiles to zombie difficulty asset.

  • Added Rarity_Type_Label to inventory localization for switching type-rarity order.

  • Added default localization for kill quest conditions.

Level Editing:

  • Added basic support for custom weather events. Each map can have an unlimited number of custom weather types that trigger events and effects. Docs

  • Added Override_Atmospheric_Fog setting to ambiance volume.

  • Added CraftingBlacklistAsset which can be used per-level to restrict available crafting recipes. Docs

  • Made Ground Upgrade Wizard easier by timeslicing the upgrade and defaulting to grass.

Plugin Development:

  • Added -ConstNetEvents command-line flag to debug whether plugins are writing to the network buffers.

  • Added Provider.onCommenceShutdown, Provider.onBattlEyeKick, Provider.onRejectingPlayer, PlayerLife.onPlayerDied, PlayerQuests.onGroupChanged and UseableGun.onProjectileSpawned events for plugins.

  • All RPCs have individually tuned rate limits to reduce abuse of macro spam. Previously most RPCs shared a common limit.

  • Tidied up effect spawning user code with EffectManager.spawnEffect method that wraps sendEffect.

  • Images used by plugin UIs are cached, and plugins can force a refresh.

Miscellaneous Fixes:

  • Fixed destroying the rock wall on Hawaii. The collider bounds are considered for explosion obstruction tests now.

  • Fixed gap in floor collision of drivable golf cart.

  • Fixed missing barricade subclasses (e.g. traps, storage, generators) in the level editor.

  • Fixed login stance test to use newer hasHeightClearance code path.

  • Fixed delayed attack inputs on server being handled as different types (e.g. shoot as punch) by tagging client expected usage.

  • Potential fix for vehicle death issue by kicking player out before plugin callbacks.

  • Fixed null reference exception if plugin UI asset was missing.

  • Fixed some potential null reference exceptions when exiting vehicle or swapping seats.

  • Fixed older gun damage multiplier not applying to barrel attachments.

  • Fixed damaging trees or resources with nested colliders.

  • Prevent baking foliage while not in editor.

  • Fixed checked move to only ignore initially overlapping colliders.

  • Fixed accidentally shooting when dropping an item into the equipped slot with the mouse.

  • Fixed equipping item when dragging into equipment slot with mouse in multiplayer.

  • Fixed accidentally turning on headlights to drain battery of vehicles without headlights.

  • Fixed makeshift vehicles missing placement bounds and throwing an exception.

  • Fixed clamping turret yaw for driver.

  • Fixed sending inventory RPCs twice in some cases. In particular this was causing issues with multiplayer loadouts.

  • Fixed returning to main menu wasting time during shutdown.

  • Fixed vehicles burning fuel after removing the battery.

  • Fixed plugins setting stance directly rather than testing stance is allowed.

  • Fixed locally predicting removal of Steam tool target item.

Exploit Fixes:

  • Fixed infinitely removing tires using a socketwrench in the safezone.

  • Fixed checking for object obstructions when loading into singleplayer.

  • Fixed zombies losing track of players when leaving bounds vertically. Helicopters were being used to lift zombies out of range of horde beacons.

  • Fixed an undiscovered potential RPC exploit with trees.

  • Fixed glitching through ground underneath Germany ADC hangar.

  • Defer enabling character rigidbody forces until the frame after respawn to maybe fix some vehicle issues.

  • Converted industrial Dock #2 from mesh collider to box colliders to fix overlap exploits.

  • Fixed fishing rod bobber not using continuous collision detection. With the right angle it could be launched through the ground to fish anywhere on the map.

  • Fixed stance transition and obstruction tests to include player clipping. This was abuseable in some places to escape the map border.

  • Fixed foraging resources missing a distance check.

Visual Fixes:

  • Fixed Devil’s Bane LOD1 to use the correct material.

  • Fixed nickname showing in spectator overlay for players in other groups.

  • Fixed paintball gun ammo model becoming visible early when reloading from empty.

  • Fixed updating viewmodel offset when sight attachment changes while aiming in multiplayer.

  • Fixed scope, character and item render texture color banding in low light.

  • Fixed transparency fov locking when changing anti-aliasing setting.

  • Fixed Lucky Coins mythical effect in first-person view.

  • Fixed bonesport compound bow inverted spikes.


looks gucci

image image
With ambient occlusion, weapons at night time (particularly, the iron sight) look 10 times better, thank you nelson!


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