New Trees Bug & Potential Greifing

Tree hitboxes don’t seem to be aligned with the tree models and in the case of Elver, trees put you in a rubberband state if near the top. This makes it difficult to make treehouses/outposts or breaks the ones that were already constructed. In addition to this, the new update allows players to chop down entire forests and prop block trees with simple metal sheets. This is detrimental to new players who rely on trees for base building or exp grinding. Please consider removing this addition to the update or patch according


funny thing, nixon, the ones on elver are meant to be weird to prevent people like you from standing on them and doing stupid shit, like sniping people from the top of them

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Just like in real life, deforestation sucks

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It’s worth noting that servers worried about deforestation can disable this with the Items_Obstruct_Tree_Respawns setting.


Regardless tree tops should be fixed and in my opinion it should be an opt in for deforestation rather than an opt out. The addition of trees no longer respawning with barricade blocking the stump is honestly a tiny gameplay change while deforestation is much more grand. With the current buggy state and the cons outweighing the pros I don’t see this as a reasonable change to the default game.