Update Notes

Server bookmarking, changes to skill loss and per-character save defaults, modding additions (as always), and more! Mostly in preparation for an upcoming curated map release.
Similar to the preview branch changelogs, this update does not contain the upcoming changes intended for the vehicle update.



  • Server bookmarks as an alternative to Steam’s Favorites list.

  • Option for whether group member name tags fade out near crosshair.

  • “-ScrollViewSensitivity” command-line value.

  • Rewards_List_Asset reward type which can reference a RewardsList asset or spawn table.

  • NPC Rewards Volume which grants a RewardsList asset.

  • Zombie kills condition LevelTableOverride option to spawn specific zombies.

  • NPC “cutscene mode” reward type which hides viewmodel and prevents shooting weapons.

  • NPC player stamina condition and reward types.

  • Spread_Swimming and Recoil_Swimming multipliers for guns.

  • Support for plugins to verify players on custom backends using Steam web API.


  • Firerate offset can be applied to all attachment types and supports negative values.

  • Show a tiny dot on map when player avatar images are turned off.

  • Default Allow_Per_Character_Saves to off in multiplayer.

  • Separated experience loss on death from skill loss. Default to retaining skill levels but losing 50% of XP.


  • Bad positioning of Frying Pan kill counter. [Thanks Arturbraun1408!]

  • Russia militia spawns containing Viper rather than Viper Magazine. [Thanks RadicalBeetle and babybillygaming!]

  • Anastasia door symbol stuck in place. [Thanks analizin!]

  • Problems related to deleting group while in exit queue. [Thanks sunnamed434!]

  • Equipment stuck in busy state after attempting to fire gun with invalid magazine. [Thanks DerpyHoowes!]

  • Progress Pride Pin too far to the side. [Thanks Unkn0wn_Gh0st!]

  • Previous fix to -SkipAssets doing the opposite of intended. Oof. [Thanks rube200!]

  • Buildable transform out of sync if edit was cancelled on client. [Thanks StilauGamer!]

  • Setting invalid render mode in config file to make terrain invisible. [Thanks FORTI!]

  • Missing default text formatting for base NPC reward. [Thanks LocoCZ!]

  • Quest screen scrollbar not taking UI scale into consideration. [Thanks Spebby!]

  • Ammo per shot, bullet damage multiplier, and spread multiplier sentry gun inconsistencies. [Thanks MoltonMontro!]

  • Explosive bullets not detonating in sentry guns. [Thanks Renaxon!]

  • Default Priority_Over_Cosmetic behavior was backwards. [Thanks Waryth!]

  • Vehicle turret keeping previously equipped item’s quality. [Thanks Renaxon!]

  • Out-of-bounds exception with chat text repeat. [Thanks Lion4K!]

  • Misplaced lamp on Russia. [Thanks WilliamB0rum!]

  • Catch exceptions when formatting NPC condition/reward text. [Thanks sunnamed434!]

  • Names of a few locations on Russia. [Thanks DerpyHoowes!]

  • Positive oxygen modifier incorrectly listed as stamina in item descriptions. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte!]

  • Dango headband circle z-fighting when far from origin. [Thanks Jdance!]

  • NPC dialogue animated text when first character is ‘<’. [Thanks CPL!]

  • Changing weapons before rechambering animation finishes. [Thanks Spebby!]

  • Rain barrel item collider oriented along wrong axis. [Thanks WWTC!]

  • Sneaky bug of doors stuck with colliders off if destroyed while animating. [Thanks Gamingtoday093!]

  • Some dumb mistakes on the preview branch. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]

  • Compression artifacts on Kuwait pajama tops and detective top. [Thanks Animatic!]

Server Bookmarks

One downside of the favorites server list is that if the host address or port changes, there can be a long delay before Steam internally updates the listing. This update adds a new “BookmarkHost” property to the server’s Config.json file to help work around this issue (among others).

If the server has a GSLT and BookmarkHost is set to a DNS record (e.g., “myunturnedserver.example.com”), a Bookmark button will appear on the server info screen and in-game pause menu. The bookmark saves a few details about the server, such as the name, description, and thumbnail. It can then be quickly rejoined from the Bookmarks menu without refreshing the server list.

For more advanced usage, the BookmarkHost property can be set to a web API URL starting with https://. In this case, the client will initiate a GET request. The response can include an address or DNS name, along with an optional query port override. This allows the address and port to change without affecting bookmarks. Servers using Fake IPs can then keep the randomly assigned address and port in sync with a custom backend. Pandahut has already implemented this on their servers and has graciously offered to share their implementation. We will update this post with a link to it when it’s ready.


Finally! Fixed some bugs that I was a bit lazy to report

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