Update Notes

Client Workshop Improvements:

  • Popular and featured workshop item articles can now be dismissed. If the carousel is empty then the next-most popular item is used.

  • Featured workshop item subscription can be managed from the title menu.

  • Workshop subscriptions changed while in-game are detected and update the maps list.

Server Workshop Improvements:

  • Moved WorkshopDownloadIDs.json into WorkshopDownloadConfig.json. Server now caches query results and will retry when query fails.

  • Whitelist/blacklist download restrictions are now enforced during connection.

Quality of Life:

  • Flashbangs can no longer be used in safezones or around friendly sentry guns.

  • Teleport command and NPC teleport rewards now report when destination was obstructed.

  • Oxygen now persists between logins to prevent resetting it at high altitudes.

  • Stockpile new label is now dismissed when the button is clicked.

Map Creation:

  • Added support for per-level tips, enabled by setting “Tips” to a number in Config.json, and then adding Tip_0, Tip_1, Tip_# to localization file.

  • Added level Allow_Skills and Allow_Information config.

  • Added Prevent_Building_Near_Spawnpoint_Radius to level config (default 16.0).

Asset Creation:

  • Custom objects can specify Add_Kill_Triggers true to cause Triggers children with name “Kill” to kill players.

  • Added Can_Use_Underwater true/false for equipable items which defaults to false for primaries.

Plugin Development:

  • Added questCompleted event for plugins.

  • Added updateReplicatedState barricade function for plugins.

  • Added helper functions for plugins to easily spawn replicated buildables.

  • Added onPerformingAid and onPerformedAid events to UseableConsumeable for plugins. Individual stats are best compared by using both, as theys always occur in pairs.

  • Disabled many missing asset related errors when -SkipAssets is enabled.

  • Replaced serversideSetPluginModal with EPluginWidgetFlags granting more control of UI.

  • Tidied up some of the damage events by moving parameters into structs, and tracking the damage instigator.

Game Config:

  • Added gameplay config for disabling structure, barricade and vehicle zombie targeting.

  • Added Use_Airdrops to gameplay config.

  • Added Enable_Kick_Input_Spam and Enable_Kick_Input_Timeout config.

Server Console:

  • Hosts can now specify -NoWin32Console on the command line to prevent the Windows server from manually allocating/freeing a console window.

  • Separated Windows-specific console input/output from shared console code, and allowed plugins to override IO handling by implementing ICommandInputOutput and calling setIOHandler. When using a custom handler you can specify -NoDefaultConsole on the command line.


  • Fixed Paddle repair blueprint.

  • Fixed clothes not respecting Should_Drop_On_Death option.

  • Vehicles in safezones now properly ignore all damage.

  • Fixed not loading per-map .content files from workshop during connection.

  • Fixed log files not sharing read access.

  • Fixed several plugin network events not wrapped in try-catch blocks.

  • Fixed cancelling pending exchange notification.

  • Fixed Spread_Aim between 0.8 and 1 visually increasing crosshair size.


  • Menu notification system which was added back in 2017 but never used now supports timed windows and dismissing it, so today it links to the Short Film Contest voting stages. I expect we’ll see it again for future community events.

  • Accepted three new outfit bundles.


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In Brazil.


yeah, this is cool and all, but when are we going to get a Fortnite bundle?



I want a Minecraft-Steve bundle.

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The update causes players to subscribe to a map they’ve already played and restart their game so that they can play. Please fix this since some players will not be able to join the server since they may not be able to have access to the Discord meaning that they will not be able to be told this.

Could you elaborate on that please? If anything the custom maps on servers should be easier than ever.

In my personal testing of multiplayer map downloads I setup a test server with Hawaii in the downloads list, and clients without Hawaii subscribed or installed. When connecting to the server it is queried, installed and loaded successfully.

One change that comes to mind is if the server is using workshop items it is not authorized to (e.g. blacklisted from using them) then the client will refuse to download them. Many hosts that pay developers for custom content use this for their server networks.


It used to happen before if the map was updated, causing the server to update the map being used and the players having to remove the map from their “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\304930” directory.

However I never updated the map on the server. All what was done was when the players updated their Unturned and tried to rejoin the server it stated that the server was running a modified version of the map. In which they would have to clear their workshop folder or subscribe to the map on the workshop.

It’s not to do with the map, since I was the one who created the map.

Good job with the update.

Didn’t know this was a thing but damn what an exploit, would’ve been useful sometimes i bet.

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I used to use it as a way to safely log out at the bottom of a lake and have more than enough time to get back to the surface. For building skybases it’d also have a potential to be useful if your diving skill was leveled up.

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Hey, it seems that the update broke mod downloading during server join. Mod’s content is downloaded but objects & resources don’t seem to be loaded and remain “hidden”

I think it may be due to the Greece map when people use the map to use the object content within and the new update didn’t like that.

I’m calling the police

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No chance, it had nothing to do with Greece’s assets (AFAIK). It seemed as an isolated problem, as most clients were working correctly.
In the end, we got it working again by verifying the game’s files.

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