4.0 Beta Test

@SDGNelson I think that you should definitely release release a beta test like 3.0 but for people with a lot of hours or for the people who received the early access clothing in-game. Like you said in the interview on ZOOM B’s channel that if some new player get on the beta test then they will be confused and think the game sucks but that wont actually be the case. I think this may have been helpful and i hope you get to read this with being so busy, thank you.


I think that what he should do to the players that will test the beta, they should have some knowledge about the game, whats the new meaning about it or that have a lot of experiences in the previouse game.

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Opt-in beta, just like for 3.0.

Thats all we need

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Unturned II will be a separate game in the Steam library, so it can’t quite be handled the same as the 3.0 beta.

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It is all we need but if new player just get the game when the beta come out then they will think the beta is the actual game and is full of bugs but in reality it is only a beta. With this being said I think only long time players or experienced players should have access to the opt-in beta.

There is still a thing called “reading the description before playing”.
For the rest I agree, even if there are so many that simply idle the game to get more hours and flex on their friends or idk why they do it, but still hours count cant be the only thing. A good way to counter this could be to count those extra infos that you can read on top of the main menu, like the ammount of zombies killed, the ammount of kilometers walked etc.

But yea, probably the first beta will jus be given to those fews who are really close to Nelson like idk the 2much team, rocket mod leaders, dankaby and people like that. Then in a second moment, everyone else will be simply allowed to play it.

I bet 50$ that it’s gona be like that

Personally thinking 3-4 betas, most likely not just 2 (when the second is the open beta).

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Or to put it more simple, the first beta with it’s 3-4 upgrades that will follow, before the open one. Anyway yea I kinda agree

Yeah, Nelson briefly explains this topic in an interview on ZOOM B’s channel if you want to check it out.

I actually saw the video, but as oftenly happends, Nelsons answers are full of “if” “maybe” “should” “could”… (obviously cus some stuff is not defined yet while some other is not wanted to be knowed maybe, but still)
There is a lot room for doubts and speculations

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Some people in China are now publishing fraudulent information, saying that they can get the 4.0 test activation code.

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Its opt-in. New players downloading Unturned won’t be automatically put into the OPT-IN BETA. Thats not how an opt-in beta works. They will get 3.0 as normal. The opt-in beta requires you to change some game settings on Steam and enter in what is essentially a product key. Again, new players are NOT put into an OPT-IN BETA when they download the game. I cant believe I even had to make this post.

Closed beta is likely more restricted to certain groups of people first. I doubt EA players will get access, let alone one with thousands of hours. Gold users are probably getting access later in the development when the beta is more open.


I think you are skipping over the fact that media plays a big part on a new playerbase. If they see a youtuber playing the very open and new beta they will want to play that. The youtuber will probably tell you how to get into the beta, but if the newplayer doesnt like the beta (and they will think it is the whole game, they will be discouraged from playing). (Also, why would you use the 3.0 launcher to launch U2?)


Ohh yeah, they’re going to launch the main 3.0, see a fully fleshed out 3.0 game, wonder whats up, go watch the youtuber explain how to opt-in to a BETA, y’know, with the whole beta password and all, and then think a beta is the whole game? Yeah makes total sense.

Opt-in beta comes from 3.0s launcher. Just like OPERATIONMAPLELEAF used 2.0.

3.0 was an “update” to 2.0. How many times do people have to tell you that it is GOING TO BE A DIFFERENT GAME. It will not use the same launcher. They will run on different game engines.

Hey geuss what? People are that fu*"ing stupid on the internet. Especially when the player base is on the younger side.

He has said the full release will be separate, but he was thinking about doing an opt-in beta like he did with 3.0.

Also, it takes a LOT of stupid to be THAT stupid.

The only opt-in beta that would be possible would require the selective distribution of Steam keys.

Which is what I said

I don’t think you can really do an Opt-in beta for a game you don’t have yet, didn’t you state that you wanted to repeat the 2.0 to 3.0 opt-in process?