4.0 Mega-list of anticipated or down right expected features

like how it is in Rust, I like it

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Snipers used to have 350m, sorry.

A core aprt of the game. The current status of 3.0 has barely any crafting aspects in it. The most I’d ever craft is a make-shift scope when very first starting off, and of course the simple stuff, like refueling my magazines, making buildables, and rarely, RARELY ever needing to craft a make-shift gas can.

There aren’t really a raw material for anything extremely important in the game except bedrolls and dressings. Anything else is kinda just purely cosmetic such as flags or sandbags. Compared to rust, with Sulfur, Metal, Rock and Wood being 4 main raw materials necessary for the crafting of almost anything and the progression of the game.

Meh. I don’t think so. Look at simple car spawns. Civilian cars and bikes spawn. Civilian cars are easy to destroy while bikes are lock-able and take high-cal to destroy. As more and more civilian cars are exploded bikes spawn more and more, eventually all the car spawns are taken by locked bikes scattered across the map. Nobody wants to waste their ammo on destroying bikes. This is virtually what happens with military vehicles and tanks. Nobody wants to waste their ammo on a tank. And both vehicles are very unlike-able and very useless.

Locking cars just helped unbalance the game further and nerfed bases, because now you don’t even need a base to protect your car from theft.

Actually a lot of people agree, and love PEI.

No offense but I see tons of people playing solo. They choose to play solo for a reason, right? They don’t just force themselves to play solo for no reason whatsoever right? Theres advantages and disadvantages to being a lonewolf freelancer and being in an organized group. With the current state of Unturned no traditional weapons (cough cough rocket launchers and mythical weapons dont count) don’t one-hit, which drastically improve the life-span of solo players, as they don’t have to fear being one-shot out of nowhere from 500m away.

No offense but I think your being pretty one-sided and your responses have little to no explanaton behind them. “actually no thanks” doesn’t explain to me why you think making 4.0 the first map (or one of the first maps) is a bad idea.

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Thankyou for understanding ^W^

Meh. I like to think they’re popular because they pay youtubers or reward youtubers with their P2W ranks in order to advertise it through their channel. I honestly don’t see any other reason kids and alike would force themselves to play an unfair server, unless they don’t understand why it’s unfair. It’s an endless cycle that screws over smaller, fair servers and server networks. I just don’t appreciate it.

And especially with the addition of official servers this will only cement P2W networks their positions. As lots of people will just say something like “if you wanna play fair buy the gold DLC”. I don’t want to see Unturned II turn into that kind of unfair environment - if you kinda get what I mean by that.

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No offense, but these suggestions I’ve thought long and hard over during the months whilst playing the game. They wern’t thought up within a day, I took good time thinking about practicality, execution, and how much the community (or, atleast, lets say, the mature side of the community) would enjoy to see this type of stuff added.

Nelson is making a map. So? If you look at rust theres precgen and traditional map servers. I was thinking precgen could come after a few good official maps come out, just so people can get out into the randomized and open environment of a precgen map. As I said here -

lol? I wasn’t here for such debates, but I can definitely say I’ve been playing Unturned and participating on the Steam forums for longer than you’ve been here. I can probs assume how the debate went.

That is not how I assumed it would be. Guess they didn’t think on it hard enough.

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1 - Yes, I’m here for discussion to see others peoples thoughts. Thats why I’m a forumer afterall.
2 - I’m not new to forums, I’ve been on the steam forums for around 3 years now. I’m just new to these forums.
3 - Dear god… Don’t bring me memories of the subreddit please. Just please. I get flashbacks.


Cuz I wuv it ^w^

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After reading all of these replies I can see why the execution and addition of a procedural generated map can be hard, it was just an idea off to the side for much, much further down into 4.0’s branch. I was suggesting it in hope that nelson would code or create 4.0 in a way that would pave the ability to make such a generation in the future, and not for adding it right away. I remember nelson regretting lots of things he did in early 3.0 development - which is why I wanted to suggest this, so, as said, nelson can pave a path for such a feature incase he thinks of and wants to add such a thing in 4.0’s later development.

Sorry for taking a while to reply to everyone. I didn’t think I’d get so many replies so fast.

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Many of these are bad ideas and you’re not exactly liked among most of the community. I’m not sure what you expected.

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Okay, you’re new here so I’m cutting you some slack.

A) Some people get really annoyed when you use like 10 separate comments to do what you could with just one lengthy comment. Try to merge as many things as possible into a single comment so as not to clog the discussion up.

B) You can see who liked your stuff by clicking the number of likes to expand it.

C) You may want to take a look at my official unofficial curated guide to the SDG Forums.

Holy fuck. How am I suppose to read ALL of this?


Read the TL;DR I provided on the very first comment which summarizes stuff somewhat decently.

I’ll admit that initially some of Russia’s stuff looked out of place, but Nelson has said he quite likes Rain2much’s style though, and he has used a similar style in his newer models (as soon with Germany).

Nelson said he was also working with the Russia team heavily to make sure everything fit in the game as if he had made it. Considering what we got, I’d consider Russia’s content “Nelson’s-style” just because he likely gave his feedback on it, and obviously seems to have approved of it.

The inconsistencies can easily be worked out. They’re definitely more prevalent with timed curated maps, but timed curated maps seem to be more lenient on things anyways, and likely won’t/shouldn’t be a thing in Unturned II.

I’d rather Nelson just work more with each team on each map rather than not feature community-made content. Make it closer to Russia’s level of moderation and quality control, and provide the modding tools necessary to avoid some of the technical inconsistencies. Avoid things like curated maps releasing with several dozen bugs due to a lack of play-testing.

These are things that can be worked out, tbh.

I enjoyed a lot the reading and agree with 90% of whats in the OP, but won’t start some huge reply thing for the sake of mental sanity.

I also encourage this kind of posts, nice job.

Forgot to mention this but…

Nelson has said this is has actually always been possible, there’s just no documentation for it.

That aside, Unturned II is already being built so “basically everything” can be modded.

I feel like it’s possible due to the whole modules thing, which was shutdown because hackers were using the modules in some sort of fashion.

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you just do

Why does everything think I mean NEW in general. When I say a NEW USER I mean new to the forums. How am I supposed to know how long you have been on steam or other platforms?

Also, my comment is based upon your title and the content of the first post, which was “this is everything that is going to go in so far…” I was just saying that is not the case, as some of those things in your list of “upcoming features” are hated and are probably not going to be implemented.

Also#2, to see the people who liked a post, click the number next to the heart <3

Nice post, i like most of the stuff here.

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