4.0 server hosting idea

In 3.0 hosting servers is kinda an annoying thing, you have to get some other 3rd party program like Hamachi or use a server or a hosting platform. So maybe in 4.0/2 players could host there own servers on their own clients for friends to join for free, but if they wanted to make bigger severs maybe you could make an in game server hosting program to support their servers so you can actually make money. What do you think?

Pretty much already confirmed, local servers will be able to be hosted through the ingame menu and would most likely require port forwarding to make it able to be played by others outside of your LAN.

Best case scenario, you can buy a low end PC and run it as a dedicated server with port forwarding.

PnP is already implemented in Unturned II, and has been for several months.

Nelson is considering something similar to Minecraft Realms.


Ok that’s good, nelson is polishing everything

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