4.0 style UMP 45

Let me know what you think about it.


The cylinder doesn’t fit well. Cylinders in 4.0 will be 16 to 8 faces. Still looks good though.

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I think it looks good. With a tiny bit of tweaking it would fit 4.0 xd, Very well done!

Actually, it looks like you took a 3d model and made the magazine, rails, and stock blocky. I think to make it fit the 4.0 style MOAR would be to make the grip and barrel a bit more blocky, and make the stock a bit more detailed.

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You made an UMP-45 before the UMP-9?

You’re hopeless

---thot detected---

Mind taking some renders of the gun against a white background?


Sure, but not now.

Excuse the fuck, but UMP-9 is definitely not a thot, you should see SPAS-12

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Tf man lmao

It’s called Girls Frontline.

It’s called having an issue, Nickname would be “FBI OPEN UP”.


Got an updated version:


This updated version is a significant improvement imo. Could still use some touch-ups here and there, but otherwise still nice.

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Could anyone make a full pack of items for 3.0 in 4.0 style for model replacement

As far as I know, replacing assets using a mod is not supported. Also there are like 1200 items.


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