4.0 Styled Western 1911 Pistol

http://prntscr.com/h2zlbs The detail is based on the level of detail of nelsons recent 4.0 supposably maplestrike or eaglestrike model including a trigger more detail on the model itself rounder barrel and more detailed grip

So an avenger with a colt grip? No thanks

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Well why not constructively add to the criticism and what you would recommend i add?

Aside from your choice of colors, you should add a little more poly to it. Looks like a pistol from 3.0 with 2.0-style details (like those screws in the grip)

http://prntscr.com/h0uzy7 well like i said i based it exactly off this i compared and contrast the 3.0 and possible 4.0 models then i looked to see what was differnt i then took insiperation off that but the guns body itself dosent get anymore high poly

its still very much in a cubic shape

It still looks like an updated 3.0 Colt, you should make it slightly more realistic than what it is now, especially the slide. Another thing you should add is more realistic iron sights compared to the real one.

I’d wait for more gun models to be published to have a better idea of what would fit and what wouldn’t, but that’s just me

This gun ironicly is probably one of the worse i coulda tried to make a 4.0 verson for because it was already strugglign to stand out and after looking at pictures of colts and thisi cant do anything some guns just look similer af

Use grammar next time PL0X

what you would recommend i add?

I wouldn’t add more stuff mate, I would scrap this idea all together, unturned has it’s own bulky, and blocky theme, those iron sights are as thin as air and those bolts on the handgrip are a joke, mplus what you call a trigger is really just an eraser sticked into that hole. I think you feel that I don’t like it all together :stuck_out_tongue:

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