4.0 Vehicle ideas


Nelson Can you add suspension and Mud’n stuff? You can put items in the car n, Open your motor for fix your car… No vehicle lagging If you do house in it, put guns in car ,
You know 3.0 vehicles are very crazy… Works like no suspension and If you use a ramp , Your vehicle becomes a bull :smiley: (uncontrolable.)

It can be GREAT for 4.0. Thanks for readin… Have nice day!


This is basically confirmed, and has been covered by countless posts.


This is caused by auth physics, which was intentionally added into 3.0 to combat flyhackers. It is easily removable by server owners in 3.0 and will definitely not see a return in 4.0.

Everything else is already confirmed and has been for several months.


I agree that the car physics/driving sucks in 3.0 right now and is hopefully a lot better in Unturned II


Basically the only reason why 3.0’s vehicle physics are so bad is because the very early development of 3.0 was rushed, and we were forever stuck with the result.

We all know that Nelson is really taking his time this time around, so I’d not worry about physics.


Yeah it kinda sucks how he rushed 3.0 but I’m glad hes taking his time on Unturned II


it would be interesting to add horses for locomotion are not vehicles but meet the same need instead of battery and gasoline logically they would need food and water puts them near a river to drink water or in a pasture to eat grass


Mmmh Yeah That Could go for it