4.0 zombie mesh concepts(using 3.0 character model)

idle pose

Missing Leg different persepctive of idle pose chasepose(Please meme)meme missing footmissing lower legmissing lower armripped clothingchasing posecrawler


Sorry for the spam.

Zombies having deformities in 4.0 would be fantastic. As long as the hitboxes aren’t fucked up, they would help make each zombie unique.

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Very noice

Thank you.

Can i get living arms flopping around after I attack a horde with my chainsaw?

tmw crawlers can move their knees sideways

Legless xombies look good, but how would they walk?
It would require a whole new walking animation

Also, i like how you made these models, but the coloring was a regret xD

Yes.(10 characters)

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