4 Old Bugs/Glitches that need addressing

Before I start I’d like to say that yes, this is a repost from the steam Unturned forum, I wanted to initially post it here but due to a link limitation for new users (which is fair enough) I decided to post it to the steam forums and wait a bit before posting it here, just to clear that up.

I’ve started to play Unturned again recently, and I’ve inevitably come across several unfortunate bugs and I hope to see them fixed sometime soon.

Lighting and Blizzards transferring through solid buildings.[/i]
http://prntscr.com/n82lr6 Lights from the other room are seeping through the walls
http://prntscr.com/n83p7k Noticeable blizzard and fog despite being protected by solid brick wall.

Generators not working properly.
https://youtu.be/H63M63lUz5o Sometimes things (mainly lights) won’t activate at certain parts of a generator’s radius.

Makeshift vehicle’s hitbox is WAY too high.

http://prntscr.com/n83k2n <-- Floating demonstrating the excessively high hitbox

http://prntscr.com/n83mhc <-- Interestingly, items are placed on the car rather than in the air like players

http://prntscr.com/n83ne1 The red represents the current hitbox, the green represents where the new hitbox should be.

I actually personally find this bug very annoying, since when I build a custom vehicle, I’m not actually allowed to stand in it because the hitbox is too high, it really takes away from the feeling of custom vehicles in my opinion.

The selection tool in the editor/build mode is not in sync with the cursor
http://prntscr.com/n85r17 In the screenshot you can see the cursor (yes I know green was an awful choice) but the box does not line up with it, I must note that this is only visual but it’s still very disorientating.

These bugs and glitches might seem small, but they roughen up the game’s enjoyability in these specific circumstances, and I’d hate to see these 3 problems stay in the game after Unturned 3.0’s development is ceased (Presumably once Unturned II fully releases)

Thank you for reading and I hope these bugs are fixed soon.
Kind Regards,

These bugs will probably remain as Nelson will be focusing of unturned 4. And some of these could be unfixable with the current game foundations.

I’d be disappointed if Nelson ignores these bugs though. I understand the engine probably doesn’t allow things like blizzards to stop at structures, however from what I recall lighting hasn’t always gone through solid walls, though I could be wrong.
Even then the makeshift vehicle problem is really annoying in my experience and obviously generators not working properly is pretty substantial.

Lights going through walls is not a bug but a sacrifice for performance, it’s easy to switch a light source to be much more realistic but it puts a heavy load on game.

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Well this is definitely a stretch considering Unturned 3’s death is closer everyday, but an option to turn on “fancy lighting” for example could be cool, and it would be toggleable in the options menu.

It’s an option when creating assets in unity, it wouldn’t be easy to implement that as toggleable.

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yeah, well that’s why I said it’s a stretch, Nelson isn’t going to invest that much time into a feature for a game that will soon be discontinued.

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