4.x : 1 security systems concepts , a fog machine

What would be interesting would be to add 3 news security systems :

the idea i suggest would be a fog machine, that can generate fog , raider / zombie would see nothing / have a reduced vision , that would be interesting to add it in a base , so if you are raided, there would be smoke everywhere and the raider would not see where he go, it could also be used against zombies to be more discret :
what would this system need :

  • electricity
  • water ( i don’t know how fog machines work but i guess it use water )

for thoses who don’t know what it is :


It’s a bit on the useless side but I’d actually quite enjoy for fog machines to be in the game as a larger, more stationary and permanent, as well as toggleable version of a smoke grenade.

@THEMAX94120 he work on base of “Dry Ice” in resume CO2 + Heat and i stay with torrasque is useless

@Armaros The smokes grenades works with K-N-O3 + C12-H22-O11 and are dangerous when breathing.

What zero means is that fog machines use dry ice or co2

Assuming sentries use motion tracking, a fog machine would turn every sentry in the area into a potato

Assuming sentries use thermal signatures, they would work just fine.

Speaking of heat signatures, a good counter to this would be infared goggles

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I’d guess that sentries in 3.0 would be motion tracking. Hopefully in 4.0 smoke grenades could be a counter to sentries.

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