4.x ideas

all right lets get to the point first off

they need to be like they were back in 2.x then didn’t just stop chasing you after you left a town or city
also please add the unique walking animations that they had in 2.x
and have them move around stopping wile others move
it would make stealth harder

from what i saw in: https://blog.smartlydressedgames.com/unturned-4-x-devlog-005/ (second screenshot)
there will be gun parts.
so you find a maplestrike but most of its parts are gone so you would need to find some parts so it would work (makeshift or otherwise)
and maybe add a new crafting materiel weapon internals.
lets say you find a maplestrike but all the internals have been taken out
so you find a zubeknakov internals you could put the internals into the maplestrike shell.
you could also use the internals for making better makeshift guns. (or use the shell as a case to put makeshift internals in)
or make the internals but they would make the durability of the overall gun go down faster.
add cammo skins. you would find a desert cammo you could put it on your gun.
and make it so if you fire a non-suppressed gun attract almost ALL of the zombies in the area
to make players a little more careful.
and finally make it so bullets don’t disappear when they reach the “maximum” range and disappear.
make it so the bullets don’t disappear unless they hit something.

i would like another layer to these guns they are to strait forward.
there would be a circular cross hair that is where the CENTER of the spread could go
but the actual spread would be (always within a pacific size) randomized but if you look down the sights you |
don’t concentrate all the bullets into one spot you do however dictate where the spread will go.

i really want these to be a USABLE weapon and work like how they were in 2.x
hold left click (put the arrow on the spring) then right click (pull back the string) then release the left mouse button and you would shoot the bow (releasing the string, letting the arrow fly)
and have more of a visual distinction between a normal bow and a compound bow.
and have like a bow only holographic sight.
also the bow do real player dmg so it can be used in PVP (but have less range then a gun and do less dmg but enough to warrant use)

make it so they don’t change your actual stats that much. but what would is having your character do it (but still have a cap on how fast/efficiently you do things)
also change dexterity a little.
still have it follow the rule i stated above (reload speed)
but this part make it so when you pull out a gun you reload from a empty mag you have about 40%-50% chance of missing the charging handle and as you up the skill the more you lower the chance of you missing the charging handle do maybe a cap of 10%-20%
this would make getting chased by a horde of zombies or being engaged by another player more tense.

i have made this suggestion (it can work if your looting a building)
so instead of a small dot as a cross hair if you don’t have anything equipped.
you will have a circle about ---- (<–) this wide (and tall)
and if you hold down the loot key (F) for say 1-2 seconds
you will pickup everything in that circle (within reason)


I think I understand what you’re trying to say, but it almost sounds like you’re saying the player would be more likely to miss the charging handle when they have a higher skill.

In order for that to actually be a good way to balance a weapon, maps would need to have much longer engagement ranges.

WOOPS gimi a sec to fix it

already planned xd

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First off, you really have to format your posts better. As it is, this is pretty much just a wall of text with minimal punctuation and heavy grammatical errors.

Global navmesh. Planned.

Components of two different guns should not be cross compatible. That makes zero sense, it’s like trying to insert a USB into a phone. They also should not be craftable, given the precise machining needed to machine such intricate parts from scratch. Things like makeshift stocks and grips are fine though.

This is good, but there should be significant damage dropoff at long ranges depending on the caliber.

Convoluted and unnecessary, I don’t think we need this in 4.0.

The current method of firing a bow is fine.

The compound bow is done fine as is, the key parts of it are visible clearly. Longbows should be done better though.

Depends on the rail system the respective bow uses.

Bows should do more damage depending on the range and shooting conditions, since you’re firing a massive physical projectile at someone that will pierce armor easily.

Why not get rid of Dexterity altogether as it stands right now? We all know how unbalanced it is.

Unnecessary, especially since you will actually have to loot various storage objects and not just pick up stuff lying around.

+1 (10 chair limit)

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It’s not all that complicated, it’s just not explained in the most compact way.

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